7 Spring Cleaning Tips...

It's Spring and for some reason that elicits all sorts of internal brain sensors that we need to clean.  Why don't we do it in the dead of winter when the weather is awful?  Anyway, a heart wants what a heart wants...spring cleaning it is.  I am linking up with Erika and Shay today so check out their blogs for more spring cleaning inspiration!

I set out to do 7 fairly quick, fairly gratifying things during the #permacloud we had (14 days of no sun people, I need sun).  It always feels good to purge, pare down and be able to know what in fact we do need to buy.  

So Let's get to it....


Why is there so much paper in the world?  I quickly took all the art down we had tacked up on the bulletin boards and moved it to the art wall in the basement or took a picture of it to save and then tossed the original.  We also have a drawer of very special things that when it gets full, we sort and make room.  I sorted through the mail stack and had the kids shred that (they love it), I sorted through my paper filer on my desk and put any papers I wanted to keep for the kids in their file boxes in the office (seen above).  

Spring Cleaning Paper Items -- place all paper items in one spot and sort - save, store, toss or shred.


By spring, it's time to dust.  I might have dusted my shelves after Christmas before replacing my normal decor and I don't think I have dusted since so it's the perfect time to take everything off the shelves, dust and give the shelves a new look.  I place all my decor on the dining table and do a little shuffle.  Tired and boring get a new and energized look going into spring and summer!  It's a cheap way to freshen up your home.  

Spring Cleaning Shelves -- Take everything off, dust, redecorate


Somehow my kitchen cabinets and drawers just get filled up with random stuff and it's time to pare down.  I have the kids help me sort tupperware to make sure they all have a lid.  Tupperware is like the socks of the kitchen.  How can they lose their mate????  I store all lids in a plastic caddy.   My favorite storage containers are these glass ones.  

 I also sort my drawers and take out random things I don't use, clean out the crumbs and dust and reorganize!  We donate what we don't use (looking at you freebie silly straws, water bottles and restaurant cups my kids refuse to throw away).   I use the dollar store plastic trays like these.

We make room again in our cabinets so we can easily access the things we do use.  I added this lazy susan to my top corner cabinet so I can easily access all my travel cups/bottles.  It's a game changer.  We also got rid of a ton of travel coffee mugs because we love our yetis

Spring Cleaning Kitchen -- Clean out cabinets and drawers


I asked for Scott's help one Sunday afternoon and it was more fun because Daddy makes everything funny and wrangling little people and trying on clothes is a 2 person job!  We took all the  clothes out of the drawers and closet and wait for the pain of it -- tried it all on!  I even make them try on underwear.  No one wants really tightie non-whities!  Then we sorted -- donate, save for hammy downs, and toss (no one wants stained or items with holes).  

 I then create a list of items each kid needs for summer.  I am always surprised to find out they have way more than I think they have of certain things and some kids have like 1 pair of socks (how does that happen??).  I love spending my money wisely on things they need and it helps Grandma to know too #spoiled. 

Spring Cleaning Closets -- Try on all clothes and sort


I shared about how I keep my purse organized and what I keep inside here.  Spring is a great time to wash all the winter gear and stow it away.  I pack it in a rubbermaid container, labeled with my favorite label maker and then store it in our basement storage room.  We also go through the shoe totes and try them all on so we know what we need for new shoes!  

I also look for great end of season sales on winter gear and stock up for next year.  Solon needs a new snow coat and snow pants.  We love Lands End for winter gear.  It's a little more pricey but wears really well and I normally get 2 years out of it!  It's all on sale right now :)...off to stock up!

Mudroom Spring Cleaning -- Wash winter gear and go through shoe bins to see what fits


In the bedroom, we switch out our favorite flannel sheets for a more seasonable cotton set.  We rotate the mattress too because they say its good to do that.   We do this for all of our beds.  We all love flannel sheets :).  I, of course, dust and vacuum too for good measure.  


Now, it's finally a sunny day and you can move your spring cleaning outside.  YAY!  It's time to put the swings back on the swing set, the roof on the playset, sweep out the garage and find a dead mouse (oh wait that was just me - we live on a cornfield but EW!).  

We also sort all the toys, throw away anything that is broken and get everything back to where it belongs.  We cultivate the garden, trim back all the dead foliage in the landscaping, put the hoses out and move our deck furniture back to the deck.  We still need to wash out our stinky garbage cans.    

Outside Spring Cleaning -- Clean, Move Outdoor Items Out, and Tend to Landscaping

So we covered all the paper, redecorating the shelves, cleaning out the kitchen cabinets and cupboards, flipping the beds, stowing away winter gear and getting the outside ready for the season!  Whew...

There are a few other things still on the list that I may or may not get to -- #beingreal

What did I forget? 

Windows and tiny hands...clean windows are highly over-rated and I am a picker-upper so dusting is not at the top of my radar.  That coupled with white woodwork makes me forget ;).  What is your favorite cleaning chore?  I would say sorting, organizing and purging are mine.  I seriously was "playing" with my daughter the other day and I organized her play kitchen.  She thanked me profusely #shedidnot.  

Your turn - sound off in the comments.  Why do we clean in the spring when it's nice out?  What's your favorite chore?  Do you think dusting is over-rated too? Do you organize play kitchens?  

Until next time - keep on smiling and keep on, keeping on - spring cleaning - and life in general :)

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