3 Rarely Talked About Reasons To Work-Out...

When it comes to working out, there's those that love it, the "someday when I have more timers" and then there's the "doers because they have to-ers".  I fall into the 3rd category, what category are you in?

We all know working out is good.  There are magazines, pinterest boards, and instagram accounts dedicated to the subject.  Working out means something unique to everyone and we all have different goals, what are yours?  I will share 3 rarely talked about reasons to work out today.   Why do you work-out?

Reason 1 - Working out is an emotional boost.  

At various times in my life, I have struggled with depression and eating disorders.  Working out provides a physical, stress release and emotional boost that allows me to be a better mom, wife and friend.  Those endorphins kick in and help you to feel better, less stressed.  You might not always want to go (can I get an amen?) but its definitely worth it.  Repeat ;).

Reason 2 - We are the temple for the Holy Spirit.  

God gifts us with an advocate, the Holy Spirit (John 14) when we believe and have a relationship with Him (read more here).  When you have something precious, you want to take care of it.  The most precious gift we are given, the Holy Spirit, resides within us.  

Our bodies are not only a beautiful sanctuary for the Holy Spirit but we are created in His image (Genesis 1:27).  We only get one body in this life.  We need to take good care of it, God made us beautifully and intricately!  


A fine piece of art needs to be well cared for, God's artwork especially!

Reason 3 - Healthy Role Model.

As moms, we are constantly modeling to our kids what is important.  It's important to show them what a healthy body image looks like.  More is caught than taught to our kids, taking time to care for ourselves helps them to develop their own healthy habits.  I always have to be very careful about what I say about my own body in front of my children and especially my girls.  It's easy for me to nit-pick myself apart.

Working out does not have to be about a scale or a pant size or even the gym.  I don't own a scale and only weigh myself on a rare occasion (generally at the doctor's office).  I know owning a scale would not be a healthy addition to our home.  I generally know when I need to reign in my eating by the way my clothes fit - hello Christmas cookies!

If you don't work out regularly, starting out can seem daunting.  Start somewhere with something you like.  You won't continue if you don't like it.  Challenge yourself to 21 days of a new healthy habit.  Experts say (whoever they are!) establishing a new routine takes 21 days.   I generally aim for 3 times a week but many weeks is 2 times or less because life happens.  


Don't beat yourself up for what you can't do and celebrate what you can! 

Try a work-out class, they provide accountability, friendship and you are less likely to leave midway through even if you are dying and can't breathe.  Been there #burninglungs.  The Couch to 5K app is great for becoming a runner.  It's the perfect time to get out and enjoy some fresh air.  Get out and walk with a friend while your kids are in the stroller!  Social time, a work out, and then stop at the park - everyone is happy!  


Whatever you do, remember you are beautiful and God made you in His image.  


When, where, why and how do you work out?  Did I forget any other rarely talked about reasons?  Sound off in the comments!

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