10 on the 10th: What's in our purse...

You guys, I can't wait to see what you all keep inside your purses....or should I say doctor's office, restaurant, dollar store, restroom, recycling bin, and dumping ground!  #canIgetanAMEN

Okay let's see what was in my purse one random day last week, I have to say I was a bit disappointed there wasn't more snacks or randomness but you will get the idea!

Okay so first things first.  I LOVE purses.  If you were to say, what is one thing you covet of others?  I would say purses, hands down.  There's actually a funny story with this.  One time we were playing a couples newlywed game at my brother-in-law's wedding shower.  They asked Scott what my most prized possession was - he said kids.  I said purse.  They never let me live it down.  Clearly I wasn't thinking my kids were possessions. #clearly

Now with that being said, my mom KNOWS I love purses so occasionally she gets us one for Christmas or our birthday.   She got me this one for my 30th birthday!  I have worn it for the last 3 years, minus the diaper bag phase.   Here is one similar. This one too.  I like this one too.  Again mine was a gift so there's that.  If you are interested in investing, I will say the quality has been great and besides the crumbs, it still looks brand new nearly 4 years later.

My mom often tells me about how I use to spend my allowance on purses at Target as a kid.  It's true, I remember.  I am remising right now about a little pink purse I got in the adult section.  The strap was so long I knotted it ;).   I digress...let's move on!

First things first,  I had to show you the plethora of unidentified leftover snack particles aka crumbs in the bottom of my purse.  Right after this I turned my purse over and shook it like crazy into my sink.  Seriously so many crumbs!  I didn't count this as one of my ten things but I should have!

So now on to my 10 things...

On this particular day I had 2 pairs on sunglasses in my purse.  I don't spend much money on sunglasses.  The aviators are from TJ Maxx and the others are from Wal-Mart for $2.50.  I am horrible with sunglasses, they get scratched and lost.  I never put them in a case.  I would love Raybans but I am just not responsible enough!  Don't even look how dirty they are from the rogue crumbs!

Then I had my car keys with all my loyalty cards #priorities and my wallet.  It was also a gift from dear friend.  It's this one in case you like it.   I need to stop taking receipts but the one time I don't I need to return something.  Too many receipts in my life!  Who has ideas about this????

My favorite new wallet item is my business cards.  The reason I got them is because when I was at my Uncle's funeral I met That Skinny Chick Can Bake and I seriously asked her 5 million questions because you know #legitblogger.  She handed me her card and asked for mine and I didn't have one.  I promptly went home and ordered some on Vista Print.  

Okay then comes the random section of rogue items floating around the purse that should be in my little Vera Bradley pouch but aren't.  Pens (2 taken from church, I am sorry my church family!).  Hand sanitizer because you know I am germaphobe, some random trash, my head phones that Lucy took the comfy part off of, and a you rock sticker #selfesteembooster, and a band-aid #safetyfirst.  The Vera Bradley pouch listed at #10 is supposed to house these things and then my gift cards, check book and you know womanly things ;).  

Last but not least, my purse needs to be big because I carry this around.  My diaper pouch (its a Thirty-One bags zipper, water-proof pouch).  Let me share a little tip about this pouch.  It's my 2nd because my first one served as a puke pouch when I was pregnant.  I can confidently assure you it is in fact water-proof and protected this said purse.  

It houses all the diapering basics and if need be take home stinky, wet, blown out clothes! That has never happened.  Just kidding, yes it has! ;)

So there you have it my purse and I took a picture to remember the 5 seconds it looked like this before I went out and my kids stuffed random stuff in there, a bag of goldfish exploded and life happened.  

I normally clean it out once a week and it's always a fun treasure finding expedition.  Normally we find rogue pacifiers, sometimes money, little trinkets and a few used kleenex.  I am sorry you missed out on those things ;).  

Do you like purses as much as I do?  What's in your purse?  Are you a big purse gal?  Or a little purse gal?  Or maybe a no purse gal?  Make sure to link-up and sound off in the comments.  If you are new around here, you can follow me on Instagram and Facebook for more fun and you can read about who I am here.

Until next time, keep on smiling and keep on, keeping on! 
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