To The Mom with Little Kids...

To the mom with little kids --

I see you.

I see you scrambling up the play place slide to grab your crying toddler.  I see you juggling two babies as you exit the restaurant as fast as you can.  I see you with a poopy diaper in one hand and a tiny, unclothed baby in another because you ran out of extra clothes.

I see you.  

I was just there.  I blinked and now I am not.  I remember.  Watching you takes me back to those moments, all those feelings, all that HARD.

It's hard.  Don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

It's easy for us on the other side to say, "enjoy it!" or "It goes so fast!"  It does go by fast but by golly, it's sanctifying, hard work.    You die to yourself every single day.  Some days more than others when you have spit up in your hair and 3rd day old athleisure clothes on and you didn't even work out.

You are tired.  You are dirty.  You struggle to remember every dang thing.

You are pouring your heart and soul into those tiny, little humans.  You are meeting everyone of their little needs.  You rewarmed your coffee and momentarily lost it on the washing machine.  Those tiny humans will eventually begin to meet their own needs. (it's hard to believe but true.) There you'll be clapping and cheering them on with that big old momma smile.

You will be so proud the day they flush their own toilet, wipe their own behind, cut their own food, blow into a kleenex, keep the snack in the container, buckle their own seatbelt, and read their first book.

Until then, even if those little humans don't say thank you, they love you.  When they look at you through those dark eyes in the middle of the night, they love you.  Even when they yell "NO" and flail all their limbs across the Target floor, they love you.

They love you and so does God.  God sees you.  He sees your heart, He sees your weariness, He is cheering you on in the hard, hard, hard work. #handtohead

Until then, whenever then comes, He will sustain you.  Don't give up, keep on holding, keep on wiping, keep on loving, keep on praying because you are doing the good, hard work of motherhood.

This is what I say to you weary mom of little kids...

Carry on, hold your head high.  Don't doubt yourself, don't wallow in guilt, focus on the victories.  You are doing mighty kingdom work.  You can do it, you were created for it.   Take a deep breath,   learn from your mistakes.  Ask for help if you need it and cry if you need it too (I needed to sometimes).  Keep on, keeping on.  You got this!

With all my love,

A Mom who sees you (and just starting to climb over to the other side)

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