Spring Bucket List...

Happy 1st Day of Spring!  Tulips blooming, birds chirping, snow melting, green grass sprouting, park playing, bike riding, and fresh air -- its finally here.  #wehope

We have a little DIY chalkboard made out of an old mirror that we put our seasonal bucket list on.  It hangs out in our kitchen so we can check things off as we complete them!  You can check out last summer's list, fall list and Christmas list here.

Over spring break (during pajama day), we sat down and wrote down some things we wanted to this spring.  We had some -- go to the pool -- suggestions but those will have to wait until Summer #weliveinIowa.

So here's a recap of our winter board...

As you can see we managed to check everything off the list :).  Itt was time to start a fresh and brainstorm new ideas.  Meanwhile, our youngest, Lucy tried to color her own list and then sit on the board.  Not everything goes quite how these pictures make it seem #kids.

 We managed to come up with quite a few things...

Spring Bucket List 2017 --

Play outside

Plant seeds

Arizona 2016

Go to Arizona

Plant the garden

Movie nights

Play with bubbles

Play in the backyard

Ride bikes

Ice cream date

Play with friends

Try a new restaurant

Easter 2016

Celebrate Easter

Eat Green Eggs on St. Patrick's Day

Farmers Market

Solon starts baseball

See our cousins

Mother's Day

Egg hunts

Vera's recital

Have a picnic

See our cousin's play (she is Aurora!)

Plant flowers

Play chalk

Go to the park

Go to the lake

I am always surprised at the items the kids contribute and the simplicity of them.  I often think we need to do these grand things but the kids are most excited about just being together, playing and making memories.  They really want to try a new restaurant this season, so we shall see!

These boards help us to remember all of the fun we do have in the middle of this crazy, busy, full life.  We are making memories, there's proof in the crossing off our list! 

What is on your spring bucket list?  Do you make one seasonally?  

Happy 1st Day of Spring!  Get out there and enjoy it.

Until Next time keep on smiling and keep on keeping on!

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