Spring Break Recap: Part 1...

The way we planned spring break this year was we would be home for most of the week and then head to my parent's in Arizona on Thursday through the following Tuesday.  It worked better for my dad and the kids and I could ally fly for the same price of 1 ticket if we left at the beginning of spring break.  

So we had some time at home to hang out, relax, and have fun.  We made up a little list because I am a list maker and it's fun to show that we did do some fun things despite the kids thinking we were awfully lazy ;).  

The kids didn't have school on Friday so we went to Lucy's story time...

Then we went shopping for spring and summer clothes and decided to get ice cream for lunch!

That night we "tailgated" in the family room while we cheered on our Iowa State Cyclones in the Big 12 tournament -- and spoiler alert, they won the tournament the next night! #cyclonenation

Saturday we signed taxes, ran some errands and then went to our friends for dinner and more Cyclone basketball cheering!

Sunday we had church and then a whole lot of crafting and chilling before we had our church small group over for a pizza dinner.

Monday was a snow day so we took full advantage while Lucy was sleeping.  We tried to build a snowman, paint the snow #fail, and had fun sledding in the backyard.

We also did a little TV watching and napping too...

Tuesday, we had chiropractor appointments and needed a few things at Target so we made a trip of it. We had soft pretzels, perused the aisles.  Each kid had $3 to spend so there was some serious shopping and serious self-control to not buy all the things!

We also have been doing a lot of reading, snuggling and love tank filling...

We did a little NCAA bracket filling.  My family always has a family bracket and both Solon and Vera filled one out too.  They have Villanova going all the way and in true Alumni, leading with my heart, fashion I have the Cyclones going all the way so most likely my bracket will bust early #itshardbeingacyclone!

And right before we left for our trip this little one got a virus that turned into croup #boo.  We got some steroids in her and hoping that helps her get over the hump.  

So that's how we spent the first part of our week...we are off on a little plane trip just momma and the kids #heregoesnothing.  You can read all about our spring break trip to Arizona from last year here, stay tuned for trip details from this year coming soon!

Until next time keep on smiling and keep on keeping on!

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