Spring Break Part 2: A Trip to AZ...

We just survived week 1 post spring break and it was fun to reminisce about a fun getaway to visit my parents in sunny Fountain Hills, Arizona!  I recapped part 1 of spring break here.  

We decided to wait and go to my parents later in the week for 2 reasons, it worked better for my dad and the kids and I could all fly for the same price of 1 ticket if we left at the beginning of spring break.  

Scott had a big project deadline so he stayed home so it was the 3 amigos and me!  I will have to write another post on how we travel with kids but let's just say -- snacks and technology for the win.  They love to travel and the older two are super duper helpful.  

We flew out late Thursday evening, with a delay, we left at 9:30pm and everyone was happy and QUITE awake.   Lucy and Vera did sleep for half the flight.  We got to my parents and went to bed fairly quickly in anticipation of a full day the next day!

The next day was St. Patricks Day so my dad whipped up his famous eggs and added some green food coloring for good measure.  Then the rest of the day consisted of swimming, jumping, splashing and more swimming.

Everyone was quite happy!  Grandpa had the pool set at perfect baby temperature and we all appreciated that. 

We did make time for reading with Grandma, grilling out for dinner and finishing the evening watching March madness, even though our brackets were quickly busting.

The next morning, we were up bright and early #2hourtimechange and we went out to see my parents new house.  They rented until they found something they love and now the new place needs a little TLC before they can move in!

It was fun to see all the work my mom is doing.  She has incredible vision and loves to stick to the local architecture SO I will be sure to show you once its all done.  The kids had fun checking out the new pool, fruit trees, and the huge cacti in the backyard.

After we checked out the house we went and enjoyed lunch outside.   There was a moment where I saw life getting "easier" and everyone was happily color.  The momentary vision was lovely - ha!

After lunch we went golfing.  They have an 18 hole putting course.  My mom got the kids putters, just their size, and we learned the frustrating but fun art of golf.  You may or may not know I was on my high school's golf team.  I wasn't the best but I did have fun.  I hope my kids like it, we had fun golfing as a family growing up!

We finished the day in the pool, grilling out and basketball.  It was kind of like Groundhog's day in the best kind of way!

The 3rd day we spent more time in the pool and hung out ALL day.  My dad had to leave to go back to work so my mom and I took the kids out for Mexican and then to Target.  Let's just say Grandma and Target is pretty much my kids favorite thing ever.  Solon said Target is way better with Grandma #spoiled. 

By our last full day, Lucy wanted to be outside 24/7.  She was outside in her PJ's having breakfast and afterwards was ready to get in the pool, pajamas and all.

We postponed swimming in favor of a little sun break and headed to the Scottsdale Train Park which was highly recommended to us.  We recommend it too!  It was awesome!

We had fun riding the carousel, despite Lucy's pouty face because I sprayed sunscreen too close to her eye.  I wasn't even spraying her face...sigh!  She was a good sport #momfail.  

Then we rode the train.  Solon was busy taking photos for his dad because it was all so cool he wanted to make sure his dad could see it all. ;)

After the train ride, we grabbed a snack and checked out the covered play area and thank goodness it was covered, it was 94 degrees that day.  Then checked out some pullman cars and my kids couldn't get over the bunk beds, tiny tubs and tiny cook's kitchen. 

Then the best part was the model train exhibit.  We were in there forever and my kids loved it.  All sorts of trains and spots where you could push a button and different parts of the exhibit would work.

We finished with one last carousel ride before heading to In N'Out for a late lunch.  Now we went there because we had never gone and EVERYONE #everyone told us it was amazing.  Now, you may no longer read this blog but I didn't love it.  Did we miss something?  Tell me please!

We spent the rest of the late afternoon shopping at Nordstrom, grabbing a bite to eat outside and playing in the mirrors by the restaurant.  The weather was beautiful and we had fun just being outside.

On our way home, we stopped by the iconic Fountain Hills fountain to see it at night before calling it a night and figuring out how we were going to fit everything back in the suitcase.  A margarita after the kids went to bed helped ;).

Then the next morning, we spent all morning in the pool until it was time for a quick lunch and then head to the airport.  We were all excited to see Dad so leaving Grandma, the pool and the warm weather was easier.  I still miss all of that though ;).   #rainyandcoldhere

We had such a fun spring break and can't wait to visit again!  We love Arizona and the warm, warm weather.  Have you ever been?  Please share any fun sights to see, we love a good recommendation.

What questions do you have about traveling with kids, leave a comment and I will answer them!

Until next time keep on smiling and keep on, keeping on!


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