Monthy Goal Recap: February/March...

February can't possibly be over? WHAT? No way but alas it is so what are we going to do in the month of March? I like goal setting for 2 reasons -- it gives me things to focus on and then be held accountable.  If you don't know where you are headed, you won't know when you get there.  Hence GOALS!

So what are your goals for this month?

They don't have to be elaborate, chances are the simpler and easier to achieve, the more likely you will strive to attain them!

So last month my goals were --

1.  No phone time between 5-8pm
2.  Do 1 encouraging thing everyday for someone
3.  Remember the blog is a hobby
4.  Start the one year bible reading plan
5.  Drink 5 glasses of water everyday

Well -- I forgot about #2 -- this month my goal will be to write these down and LOOK at them all month so I think I missed a few days of encouraging people but I am trying to just make that the very core of my being, to see the best in people, to love on people and to build them up.  As my momma use to say -- if you have nothing nice to say, say nothing at all #zipyourlips.

I would say drinking 5 glasses of water was successful but still needs work-- I switched out my evening tea and opted for hot water instead.  After 28 days of evening hot water, I am smitten.  I will be keeping that habit!  #hotwaterforthewin  I need to be better about drinking water all day long.

Hey I made it 28 days of reading the bible.  I will say there's A LOT of reading when you try to read through the bible in a year.  I will say I don't like missing a day because then I get behind and it's hard to catch back up.

And as for the blogging as a hobby thing, I changed my mind... ;)

So without further adieu -- March GOALS!  #cuethelightsandmusic

1.  Write down my goals so I can see them daily (I was serious ;)

2.  Drink a glass of water everyday when I get up before coffee 

3.  Work it with the blog

I decided it is a business and there is no shame in that.  Long term my goal is for it to be a side income for our family.  We are praying about something and we need money for it.  The blog could be a real blessing but it takes hard work so I am going all in - it's not easy but it will be worth it.  I need to keep growing my Instagram and Facebook accounts -- it's easier said than done.  Who has pointers?  Join me on Instagram and Facebook!  Lastly, I need to keep connecting and learning from other bloggers and social media gurus!  I love you gals that I have met and want to give you a giant squeeze :).    I just want to tell me and anyone else working a business, not to lose heart.  It's not easy but nothing worth achieving isn't without hard work - amen???? 

4.  Work my way through the bible in a year.  I am learning so much and as I learn, I hunger for Jesus more.  I decided that in order to enjoy it, I am opting to read the family plan portion this year which is taking me through the old testament and gospels for now.  So my bible reading plan is now switching over to a 2 year plan.  I am doing a 1 Peter study with church and it's a lot of work too SO 2 years it is.  My hubby is doing the 2 year plan as well so it's fun to compare notes and share what we are learning and #accountability ;).

I am keeping it to 4 this month because between spring break and my license renewal classes, I just want to be real -- there is going to be some crazy and chaos in our March ;)! #wishmeluck #seewhatIdidthere #luckandmarch

And as a daily reminder for my over-arching goal for 2017 to seek God's approval and not man's, I have my scripture card right by the sink.  I spend just a little time there everyday.  :)  He is giving me so many opportunities to learn this lesson ;). 

What are your goals in March? Remember if you don't know where you are headed, how will you know when you arrive!  

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Until next time you know the drill -- keep on smiling and keep on, keeping on!