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It's that time of the month where we share 10 on the 10th.  This month I am especially excited to learn from all of you, we are sharing 10 household tips!  What tips make your home run smoother, life easier and keep things humming along???

So grab your favorite caffeinated beverage (toss up between coffee and Diet Mountain Dew/Dr Pepper) and let's get sharing...the link up will be open for a few days so you have time to share!


Hair Dryer/Straightener Plug Under the Sink

I hate having cords all over the counter but I am not going to unplug and store my dryer/straightener everyday so we  Scott installed a plug under the sink and I now have a little basket to store my plugged in hair appliances.  No more counter cords - yes!


Each kid has a shoe/accessory Box

Each kids has their own shoe and accessory box under our mudroom bench.  They keep all their shoes in there as well as hats and mittens so they can independently put their shoes on and put their own shoes away.  The goal is no tripping over shoes.   #thatsthegoal


Kids School Work Box

Our two oldest school aged children have a box I store their work in. I generally just pile pieces I want to save inside.  Then at the end of the year, I sort ave our favorite items.  It's nothing fancy for the moment - I always have big plans but for now it's a start!


Baking Soda for Stubborn Grime

It might be hard to tell but the left was scrubbed with baking soda and the right was not ;)
Do you have grime and gunk in the bottom of your pan, your kitchen or bathroom sink or tiled shower?  Sprinkle some baking soda in and then use a little elbow grease to remove the grime.  My sink shines like brand new when I am done.  I will warn you, it's slightly addicting ;).

To up the game you can add a bit of dish soap to your baking soda for a grime attacking paste!  It works for showers and tubs too :)


Make Ground Beef Go Further

As our family grows I am always looking for ways to make my meat stretch further.  I  add a can of black beans and sometimes a can of diced carrots to my lb. of ground beef.  The kids get an extra serving of healthy protein and vegetables and we might just have leftovers.  A friend also uses cauliflower crumbles to extend her ground beef with the same success.


Rotate Toys Around the House

A friend once gave the genius idea to move tired toys to a different floor in the house.  For some reason when you move a toy, it suddenly gives it new life.  We had this doll house in my office for several months and the girls always played with it until one day they didn't.  I moved it upstairs to Lucy's room and its fun again.  

I also box a toy up in a tote and put it away and then pull it out again.  Spring break is coming up, I plan on pulling out marble works, snap circuits and playmobil for some FRESH fun!


Wrapping Paper Drawer

For years I kept all my wrapping paper in the store room in the basement and for years I had random bags sitting on my stairs to go downstairs ;).  I finally converted two drawers of my foyer dresser into wrapping paper/gift bag/gift tag storage.  I generally wrap gifts on my kitchen island so its just a quick walk over to get the tape, scissors and wrapping paper.  I can easily store extras away for later use.


Extra Toiletries Box

This is my most recent change but we recently organized our large collection of toiletries.  We keep all the extra daily toiletries on the laundry room shelf and if we take the last item out of the basket, theoretically we can add that to the grocery list :).  Our travel items are all boxed up together on the top shelf in my closet ready to pack for travel.


Reuse grocery bags

Every time I go to Target I ask for paper bags.  We place a paper bag in our pantry for our recycling and then we can simply take it and dump it in our recycling bin, fold up the bag and recycle that too!  We use the plastic grocery bags as garbage bags for all of our small trashcans around the house.  My husband often takes 4-5 at a time and then balls up the extras in the bottom of the trashcan for quick and easy access when we change the bag.  


Streamline Shower Toiletries

This might be a stretch but a long time ago I heard Sherri at Young House Love say that her and her husband use the same shower toiletries to simplify.  So we tried it and it has worked great (this is what we use).  Our kids also all use the same shampoo and it works great in their bathroom too. 

Some other tips and tricks I have shared:

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