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Friday Favorites...

Friday, March 17, 2017

Hey Friday!  It's been a while since I stopped in with some of my favorites so I have a whole bunch piled up!  So get cozy, grab your caffeine and let's dive in! 


We have our own domain.  After a lot of research and a lot of great advice.  We opted to stay right here on blogger and buy with google domains.  If you want more information, please leave a comment and I will be happy to help you out.  Going with google domains for now was very seamless, as a reader you won't see a change ;)!


I shared these awesome Dinner Winner plates on Instagram and Facebook and turns out they are a fan favorite of yours too!  I guess we aren't alone in our reluctance to eat around here #notme.  These plates are fun and really do help with no complaining!    This plate looks fun too and they even have a princess version.  


Now we are turning up our friendship up a notch because I took a photo of my new swimsuit for y'all.  I am always on the lookout for a cute mom-friendly suit.  #hellowaterslide.  I have had my eye on this suit for a while and it was on sale for a steal.  

I got the small and I am a 34A/B (I put B to make myself feel better ;).  The color is really pretty in person and I love the peplum detail and high neck-line.  The best part is there is great support, and sewn in pads (none of that fishing around for them after the wash #youknowwhatImean).  They have lots of cute modest styles!  Can't wait to test it out in Arizona!


I am in Arizona with the kids visiting my parents (Scott couldn't come because of a huge project deadline #adultingishard).  I love to get the kids a little something new for the plane trip, we also do a whole lot of iPad time ;). 

We found these little art sets in the Target dollar not-so-dollar spot for $3 each.  I especially love the Unicorn set, it has crayons and a notepad tucked inside.  They had all sorts of darling ones, you have someone in life you can gift this too! SO CUTE!  I am not even going to discuss Shopkins #dontgetit.


I finally found a kitchen runner.  You may know by now I am cheap thrifty and I also don't know what I want until I see it.  SO, I have been looking for months for a new kitchen runner!  My feet are so happy and cozy now and I found it on clearance at TJ Maxx for $29!  #boomshakalaka.  There was happy dancing and looking cross-eyed at anyone who came near me!  

It is light but there is enough speckling, I think it will hold up!  I need to get a pad to hold it in place but so far I love it!  Anyone else love a good deal?  Who loves TJ Maxx? #thisgirl

Rugs: Similar // Similar // Similar


I got these shoes at wait for it -- Wal-Mart. They have this new line - Big Buddha shoes with some very similar looking shoes to Target right now - like these.  I really want these and these too.  #selfcontrol #cheapgirlsdream  Also as an aside, they are now offering 2 day shipping so there's that :).

Okay so there you have it -- .COM status, a dinner plate, a swimsuit, cute not-so-dollar spot finds, a new rug and shoes all with this theme song in mind! excuse me while I hit the dance floor...I mean the family room :)!

Before you go, in case you missed it....

Are you praying for something and waiting for an answer? Read this.

It's St. Patrick's Day #mynameisErin  #dontpinchme
 This pie is SUPER simple and a fan favorite!  You need to try it.

Until next time, keep on smiling and keep on keeping on!

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8 comments on "Friday Favorites..."
  1. Those shoes!!! #hearteyesfordays & I love, love, love a good TJ Maxx find. Happy Fri-yay, girl!!

  2. Congratulations on the new domain. I am looking at purchasing one as well and it just overwhelms me so I just sit and think about it! Hahaha! I do need to get on this though. Also, I love that kitchen runner, it fits in with your kitchen perfectly. Have a great time in Arizona with your family! Have a great weekend Erin!

  3. That rug looks great in your kitchen. And Yay, to getting your own domain. I probably should sooner than later. Have fun in sunny Arizona! :)

  4. Oh my gosh I love that rug!! Gorgeous. I'd love some information about the google domain :)

  5. I love everything about this post! Yay for your own domain! I also stayed with blogger because I don't have the energy to put into Wordpress or something else! Love the new rug so much, such a great find and price - I'm also a fellow thrifter as I'm sure you know! Have fun in AZ!!

  6. Congrats on getting your new blog domain! I'm glad everything went smoothly for you. It's always so scary making big changes like that. And girl - THOSE SHOES!!!! I will be heading straight to Walmart next week to see if I can find some! You can't beat that price!

  7. Hi Erin! Just found your blog through Friday Favorites. 😁 I look forward to reading your posts, have a great weekend!!

  8. How cute is your bathing suit! Welcome to the world of your own domain! Those shoes are super cute!


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