Friday Favorites: Easter Basket Edition!

Friends it's Friday and tomorrow it's April 1st #nofoolingaround.  There's been a #permacloud here all week but it looks like the sun might make an appearance this weekend and I am so happy.  I miss the sun.  Grab your coffee, make yourself home here and let's get this party started...Easter is just 17 days away.  We better get planning!


Everyone is thinking Easter baskets right now and if you are like me, you want something useful, consumable and inexpensive!  I get you!  Here are some things we have and love and some things my kids are getting for Easter :)  These are all under $20 #youarewelcome.

{1} Window Sticker Art -- my kids have loved making window clings for everyone.  It was a random buy for me and a huge win!  We have many home-made window clings on our sliding glass door!

{2} Spin Art Kit -- my kids were gifted this for a birthday present and both my son and daughter love this kit too.  

{3} Stained Glass sticker kit -- my daughter got this one for Christmas.  They come with puffy stickers that correspond with the shape on the stained glass.  It was a fun one time project that is hanging proudly in her room or be given to a Grandma for mother's day! #thinkingahead

{4} Princess Sticker Kit - you can dress your princess and and put her in the castle.  This is awesome for in the car or a trip!  You can use it over and over again.

{5} Bubble Machine - we get a new one every year and all of my kids love it!  Trust me if you love bubbles, you need a bubble machine!  Don't forget the batteries ;)  We have the Fubbles bucket and have had it for years, it's great for not spilling bubbles!

{6} Lego Chain Reaction Kit - you can make your own chain reaction course, in full disclosure, you have to use some of your own legos.  We have this one too.

{7} Snipe - cooperative play hide and seek game.  We play this all the time!  We recently took it to church and had a big group of kids play (ages to 5th grade) and they all loved it.  The little animals you hide start to make sound and then light up the longer you can't find them!

{8} Sequence for Kids - we have been playing this game a lot lately with our 5 and 7 year old!

{9} Peek-A-Moo book -  Our children's librarian reads this book every week at baby story time and it's Lucy's favorite.  It has lift the flaps and says peek-a-moo for the cow and so on!  

{10}  Juggle Bubbles -- my kids are getting these for Easter so I can't attest if they are worth the money but they are going to be excited since they have been wanting to try them forever!

{11} The Berenstein Bears and the Easter Story - this is going in their basket too.  We love the Berenstein Bears at our house.

So there you have it some of my top picks.   What are you putting in your Easter baskets this year?


We love resurrection eggs around here!  You need to get them now so you can start on April 4th or approx. 12 days before Easter.  We open one egg every night before prayer and bed time.  There's a little devotion and scripture you can read to explain what the object is.  My kids keep asking what day we get to start them!  Do you have them and love them like us?


I recommend this bible all the time #cantstopwontstop.  I love to read it too.  Every story in the bible points to Jesus, our Savior.  This would make a great Easter gift or get it now to read during the Easter season.  Do you have it? How do you use it in your home?


Before You Go -- Next Week

On Monday, we will be visiting our next house on my Welcome Home Come On In series, you won't want to miss my darling friend, Laura's house!

I  also will be sharing a few tangible ways we share the life, death and resurrection of Jesus with our kids and how we can be alive in Him.   How do you share with your kids?  

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Until next time, keep on smiling and keep on keeping on!

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