Be the Village, The Tribe, The Squad...

I was running late #always and so I didn't bother to notice the puke in Lucy's bed.  She hardly ate a bite for breakfast.  The first alert I had was Vera yelling from the backseat, Lucy's puking everywhere. #nice I ran her into preschool and smiled to my neighbor and said Lucy just puked, can you bring home Vera?  Village.

A sweet friend's water broke at just 33 weeks.  A friend texted us and we all went to pray with her.  Village.

Taking a meal.  Village.

A shoulder to cry on.  Village.

Watching another mom's kids while she goes to serve in her son's classroom.  Village.

We need a village.

Take it from me, each additional kid, as they get older, as I get older this do it yourself-er (and I am not talking about home DIY) realizes the deep, deep need for a village.  A tribe.  A squad.    You can not be all places, do all things, be everything to everybody every moment of the day.  You need help  .  Yes you do.

The Webster's dictionary Siri defines squad as a small group of people having a particular task.

Task -- motherhood
Squad -- mothers 

Motherhood was never meant to be an individual competition.  There is no podium, no trophies for participation.  Motherhood is a team sport.    It's messy, dirty, sanctifying, hair-raising, adventure-ridden, chaos with a lot of fun, squishy hugs and wet kisses thrown in for good measure and you need someone to high five and say - You got this.  

We cannot do it alone.  We need a squad.   A tribe.  A village.

We have a deep need for community and relationships.  It's in our XX DNA.

What if you don't have a village?  Well you need one.  

So be the village.  It takes being the village to have a village.   #activeparticipationfolks

Be the caretaker, shoulder, taxi driver, meal taker, accountability partner, and hand holder.  Write a note the good old fashioned way and walk it down to the mailbox or better yet give yourselves a moment to breathe and have your kids do it for you!

If you seek community, community will seek you.  To be a friend is to have a friend.  

Get out there and say hello (it's uncomfortable for everyone), you might just meet your dearest friend while sitting alone at the library.

To be the village is to have a village.  

To be the tribe is to have the tribe.  

To be the squad is to have the squad.  

No matter how big or small yours is, you need it.  So nurture it, care for it and give thanks for it.  Don't take it for granted, you are going to need them to get to that championship game.  They will be there to swoop in when you can't and you will be there to swoop in when they can't.    And one more thing, there is no maximum capacity in these villages so invite people in, everyone needs a village.

Now that's #squadgoals.

How can you be a village to someone today?  How has someone been the village to you?

Some of my awesome Squad...


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