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We recently went to conferences and our son, a fine reader, filled out a self-evaulation that he would not choose reading as a choice over other things. #notsurprised  The only time on the survey he picked reading was bedtime reading with mom and dad #browniepoints.  

He comes by his reluctance to read for fun naturally.  Neither his dad or I loved reading as kids so we have been on a mission to find enticing books!  I am happy to report we have rounded up some tried and true favorites!

While on our hunt, we did share our picks with our local librarians and there were a few they didn't have and ordered. So if you have some good ideas, share them with the librarians, ours said they are always on the hunt for good reading to add to the collection.  Solon was so proud they ordered his recommendation too!

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1- The Book With No Pictures
2 - 1st and 10
3 - Elephant and Piggie Books
4- Matt Christopher Books
5 - Press Start
6 - Dog Man
7 - Captain Underpants
8 - The Bad Guys**
9 - Nobody Wants to Play with a Ball Hog
10 - Narwhal: Unicorn of the Sea
11 - Inspector Fly Trap**

**Amazon recommended with an Easter basket arrival ;)

Nobody Wants a Ball Hog is part of a Sports Illustrated Kids series.  This particular book is about a standout basketball player who does not share the ball.  It's a graphic novel and has a good moral to the story.  There are a variety of reading levels within the series, the ones that look like this are on the easier side!

Captain Underpants and Dog Man are graphic novels by the same author.   Full disclosure -- as a mom these are not my favorite books. There is a whole lot of boy humor and a little too much mischief but my son LOVES them.  Dog Man is a new spin-off to the Captain Underpants series. 

We love all Mo Willems books around here.  When I taught, the Pigeon series came out and my first graders loved them as much as my kids do now.  The Elephant & Piggie series is quite witty like all of Mo Willems' books with a plot twist at the end that leaves everyone laughing!  These are great to read with your child.  You can each be a character as you read!

Narwhal: Unicorn of the Sea and it's sequel (releasing in May).  My sister found this book and it chonicles the friendship of Narwhal and Jelly!  It's a graphic novel similar in nature to Elephant and Piggie.  We have #2 on pre-order thanks to Grandma!

Press Start & it's sequel (releasing in May).  Solon spotted this one at the book fair.  It's about a bunny in a video game that has to save the day.  It's another graphic novel.  Solon can't wait for the next installment to release in May.  If your kid likes video games, this is a cute read!

We read our fair share of non-fiction books around here!  Everything from NFL teams to transportation, animals and planets.  Solon has pretty much memorized every fact in this book.  He loves non-fiction and reading to learn!  

The great thing about non-fiction books is we don't read them like fiction books.  You can skip around and read what you want!  As adults most of our reading is non-fiction so its great for kids to learn how to read non-fiction at a young age!  #blogsarenonfiction ;)

So there you have it a round-up of our favorite books right now for our guy.  Now its your turn, what are your recommendations?  Please share. 

Do you have a reluctant reader? You are not alone.  

We have to find what excites them!  It might not be the classics, but we can read those to them at bedtime ;).  Reading is an invaluable skill and the more they practice, the more progress they make!  Getting books in their hands that get them excited is key to success with reading.

Until next time keep smiling and keep on keeping on! 

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