8 Super Simple March Activities....

Happy March!  I don't know about you but in order to do a fun activity, I have to have all the supplies on hand or can quickly add to my Wal-Mart Grocery list.  Spring break is coming up, break these out for an afternoon of fun!  It doesn't have to take long, be expensive or be elaborate to make a memory.    Enjoy these 8 fun, simple and frugal activities.

Have a happy March full of sweet memories!


Golden Coin Pancakes

What you will need:  Pancake mixYellow and green food coloring

Just add yellow food coloring and make bite size pancakes to resemble gold coins.  My kids love to dip these in a small cup of pancake syrup.  They were a HUGE hit.  We also made green pancakes by mixing in green food coloring.  

You can always add Lucky Charms or Fruit Loops to the menu.  How fun to have it sitting out on March 17th for a little lucky breakfast dropped off by leprechauns :).


Fruit Loop Necklace

What you will need:  Fruit loopsyarn, string or thin ribbon

We started by sorting the fruit loops into colors.  

While my daughter sorted, I cut a piece of ribbon long enough to be tied and still fit over her head with room.  I then tied a fruit loop to one end so they would not slip off while we loaded the fruit loops on to the string.

She then decided what sort of pattern she wanted to make.  I gave her several options but she chose 10 red, then 10 orange and so on and so forth.  There are lots of options for your child to choose.  If they are younger, simply have them string them on with your help!

Voila -- a finished fruit loop necklace great for an after school snack.  We made one for everyone to enjoy!  Vera had SO much fun with the project!  


Shamrock Marshmallow Painting

What you need:  paper, marshmallows, paint

True confession the glitter paint offered more in glitz than substance but the kids loved it ;) So win, right!


Paint A Rainbow with Dot Paint

What you need:  dot paint, paper, cotton balls, school glue

Even my 20 month old loves to dot paint.  It's relatively clean minus a few rogue dots on the hands and table but it's washable.  Vera lined up the dot paints in order and then got to work on her dotted rainbow. 

When she was finished she added quite a few clouds with cotton balls and glue to her picture!  She was so proud, she wanted a picture with her craft.  Remember you can use marshmallows instead of cotton balls for the clouds :).

You could also do this craft with Fruit Loops instead and simply sort the fruit loops and then paste on paper with school glue to look similar to the dot paint picture. All you would need is: Fruit loopspaperelmer's gluecotton balls or marshmallows.


Books to Read

Check these books out at the library as well as other books about rainbows, leprechauns, and St. Patrick's Day!
A Rainbow of My Own
Curious George Discovers the Rainbow
How the Crayons Saved the Rainbow
Planting a Rainbow
How to Catch a Leprechaun
There Was an Old Lady who Swallowed a Clover


Bible Story

Noah's Ark: A New Beginning (Jesus Storybook Bible pages 38-47) 

Bible verse to memorize -- Whenever the rainbow appears in the clouds, I will see it and remember the everlasting covenant between God and all...the earth.  Genesis 9:16


Coin Scavenger Hunt

Two Ways to play:  

Hide the coins and then as children get closer to them, you can say hotter and as they get further away, you can say colder.  Whoever finds the coins can then be the next to hide them and then they can direct the other players as they look by saying hotter or colder.  Play continues on.

Another way to play would be to hide clues in different locations around the house that eventually leads to a clue where the coins are.  Clues could include:  Go to the place where your toothbrush stays,  Now go to the place where your cereal is found.  You can add as many clues as you want.  After they find the coins, they could make up their own clues for you to search. 

What you need: paper to write clues, coin money


Rainbow Song
(to the tune of London Bridges)

Red and orange and yellow too
Don't forget green and blue
Add some purple then we're through
That's a rainbow!

What other fun ways do you celebrate the month of March?  Please share below!  

Hope you have fun with your family this month!

Until next time keep on smiling and keep on, keeping on!

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