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You are not a failure...

Thursday, February 16, 2017

You let her down...

You didn't mean to be but the note they sent home about the special show and tell didn't even make it on your mental to do list.

Maybe it was the forgotten snack, special performance, missed game, forgotten lunch, library books,  missed email, or snow boots.

You see the hurt in their eyes and your heart breaks into a million pieces.

You tell yourself, you are a failure.  If someone were scoring you on a curve, you would still get a big fat F.

Dear Mom who thinks you are a failure, you aren't.  You are human.

You simply made a mistake and since you are human that happens from time to time.  Every other mom who remembered has failed to remember another important activity in their tenure of motherhood.  We all make mistakes. We all know that heart break.

Just because you screw up from time to time doesn't mean you are a screw up.

Your screw up most certainly doesn't mean your kids are screwed either.

When our kids screw up, what is that motherly advice we offer?

A mistake doesn't define you.

 It's what you do in response that shapes you.

So dear mom, dust yourself off, ask for forgiveness, remedy the situation the best you can and move on.    Use it as a learning opportunity.  Some of the best learning comes from mistakes (that's what we preach to our kids).

Dwelling will not Elsa would say Let it Go.  Most likely your kid has already moved on.

 All us mommas are imperfect (even if it looks like they are, it's most likely just dry shampoo and some serious caffeine).

Look to Jesus, the only one that is perfect.  Don't compare or look around, look up to Him.  He sustains and holds us in the palm of His hand.  He never fails and you are His.

We will all fall short from time to time but sometimes you will knock it out of the park so don't forget to dwell on those moments too, most likely that's what your kids will remember anyway.

Now go get 'em, God has ordained you the perfect mom for your kids.  You've got this!

4 comments on "You are not a failure..."
  1. Such a great reminder!!!! Thanks for the encouragement from the Mom who has forgotten plenty!

    1. Oh we all have :) I am so thankful for sweet friends who put the wind back into our sails and whisper encouragement from Jesus :) xoxo ERIN

  2. Such truth in these words yet how easy we forget sometimes! Motherhood is a crazy ride! I am thankful for Jesus and ladies like you that make this life feel more normal!!

    1. Oh Kristy, I am so thankful to have met you on IG! I love following you on your mothering journey, it can certainly be messy, hard and crazy but so rewarding :) We have got this with Jesus by our side! xoxo ERIN


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