What's Up Wednesday: February...

It's the last Wednesday of the month so I am linking up with Shay and Sheaffer and dishing on everything from what we are eating, doing, wearing and watching!  It's a long one so you know me, let's grab our favorite caffeinated beverage and get this party started!

{What We're Eating This Week}

I jot down my meal plan on this little adhesive schedule on the inside of my pantry door (this one is super cute too).

This week we are having --

Monday -- Super Nacho Casserole (pictured above) simple easy and a fan favorite
Tuesday -- Crock Pot Roast, mashed potatoes and green beans
Wednesday -- Chicken salad pitas, fruit and chips
Thursday -- Stuffed Beef Biscuits and Gravy with veggies
Friday - Dinner at friends
Saturday - date night
Sunday - Chicken Broccoli Bake

{What I am Reminiscing about}

Our fun weekend away visiting both Scott's grandmother and my grandparents as well as our cousins!  The kids were so excited to stay in hotel and the weather could not have been more beautiful.  We played at the park, swam in the pool, ate lot of yummy food and played games.  Our grandparents are so fun and I am so thankful our kids have the opportunity to make sweet memories with them all!  

--Scott's Grandma Olive with our family --

--Cousin Love--

--Beautiful day at the park--

--A fun lunch and afternoon with my grandparents --

{What I'm Loving}

The Weather!  We have had not one but SEVERAL beautiful 70+ degree weather days in Iowa!  You drive along and EVERYONE is outside...we are squeezing every ounce of sunshine and warmth out of these fleeting days...

-- Bubble blowing and eating ;) --

-- Bike rides and stroller rides to the park --

-- Deck picnics --

{What We've Been Up To}

We have been playing a lot of evening games.  Our evening schedule is a little quieter right now which is awesome.  The kids have been loving Go Fish.  We are working on not peeking at other people's cards and we also love playing Crazy Mates, Sequence for Kids and Ticket To Ride First Journey.

....and celebrating Valentine's Day!  Our son's school no longer allows food treats SO everyone was most excited about Vera's box of yummy goodies from preschool ;)!  The kids shared boy things with Solon and girl things with Vera.  Vera was excited for the extra Shopkins stickers especially.  Lucy took notes for next year since mom didn't get her valentines this year #sorry3rdchild.

{What I'm Dreading}

License Renewal.  Every 5 years, I have to renew my teachers license and this is the year!  I have to take 4 total credit hours and my first 3 credit class is in March.  Its all online and we are reading this book.  Hi Ho Hi Ho back to school I go!

{What I'm Working on}

My Why?  I am 5 months into this blogging more than our life diary and I want to make sure I remember WHY I wanted to do it.  I wanted to connect and encourage other women to live our best lives right where we are.  I am still trying to find what that means for content so if you have any ideas, leave me a note.  I want to serve you well!

{What I'm Excited About}

Besides the weather because I didn't know how much I needed sunshine and warmth, I am excited to go see Kristin Chenowith this weekend.  

I loved her in Wicked and Your a Good Man Charlie Brown and she is coming to sing some of her hits alongside the Des Moines Symphony!  I asked for these tickets for my birthday last August, I can't wait. 

{What I'm Watching/Reading}

So A Lot apparently...

Oh heavens I am so nervous about what we will find out next but This Is Us is good and Scott and I watch together, so bonus points since we both like it!

Season 4 is finally here on Hallmark Channel, you can binge watch seasons 1-3 on Netflix though!

I am slowly, read very slowly, working my way through Gilmore Girls.  Why are there so many episodes and seasons ;).  I am almost done with Season 1 on Netflix.

We watch this show as a family and our kids LOVE it.  It chronicles the life of the Busby family and their 6 daughters (5 of which are 1 year old quintuplets).  We are currently watching previous seasons on the TLC app.  We also like to watch Counting On as a family.

So I started the month finishing the Diamond of the Rockies Series, Tender Vine, and loved it!  If you haven't read the series, start with this one.

I haven't read as much this month but I am finishing the month reading this book.  It's a mystery, set back in the early 1900's with some sweet romance for good measure.  It's a series too so I will probably continue on with The Mercy Fall series into next month.

I need more good book suggestions - I have been loving Kristin Heitzmann and Colleen Coble this month, who has good ideas for spring break???

{What I'm Listening to}

Trolls specifically this song on repeat.  I have to admits it's catchy!

I am also listening to the Mom Blog School Podcast and Young House Love Podcast.  I also have downloaded a couple episodes featuring Emily Ley (who I follow on IG) and HopeWriters Podcast! 

Do you have a favorite podcast??? Share.

{What I'm Wearing}

My favorite black striped cardigan, coral lace detail top and leopard belt

I am wearing this mixed media sweater on repeat with my favorite necklace (Francesca's) and my black flats (gift as well).  Since my sweater is sold out, here is another one on my list!

Still loving the cardigan #lovestripes and tank top.  I also love this necklace and wear it all the time too.

So I went out of my comfort zone but my friend Karie told me I could do it and got this blush pink duster cardigan (Forever 21) and I have worn it with my leopard belt, jeans and booties.  The key necklace is a sweet thank you gift for helping with my nephew's adoption (a key to bringing him home).

Finally my favorite striped teePatagonia pullover, and favorite jeans

{What I'm Doing This Weekend}

Going to our friends house for dinner, a date night and a whole lot of hanging out with these 3 munchkins.  The weather looks more seasonal so I am sure we will be hanging out inside! :(

{What I'm Looking Forward to Next Month}

The kids and I are flying away for spring break to sunny Arizona to see my parents!  We are all looking forward to lots of pool time and fun!

{What Else is New}

I am sharing all sorts of fun on my instragam stories these days so make sure to follow me on Instagram for encouragement and crazy!  Oh and I also have a youtube channel now...what???? You can subscribe here!

Bonus Question: Favorite Must Have Beauty Product}

If I had to pick just one thing and something I wear every.single.day, I would have to say mascara.  I am SO exciting BUT I have blonde eyelashes SO it's essential to not look any more tired than I already do.  Mascara for the win ;).

So now that your coffee is empty, it's back to life, back to reality but I sure do appreciate you stopping by.  Make sure to say hello, I love to connect with you!  Until next time keep on smiling and keep on keeping on!

xoxo ERIN

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