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It's Friday and we have a 3 day weekend and the crowd goes get to sleep in and you get to sleep in and you get to sleep in...until 7:01am ;)  Why is that kids get up earlier on non-school days and I have to wrangle them out of bed on school days? Anyone else????

Okay on to some highlights of our week...grab a caffeinated beverage and let's get this party started :) 

Can we just talk about these sweeeeet valentines from Scott's 96 year old grandmother.  I mean I am laminating them and keeping them forever...hand-cut and homemade.  #seriously 

I have a giveaway going on over on Instragram for one of these darling prints by a great guy that goes to our church, he and his wife are crazy talented!

For my readers, he is offering a special #Iloveagooddeal. He will create a custom digital copy and print release for $20.00 per design (Then you can print them for all your family with your last name - think Mother's Day, Easter gift, Birthday gifts). He will email you the digital copy and you can print anywhere you want :). Simply find him on Facebook or Instagram and tell him Erin @ PerfectlyPortFamily sent you! I gave these out to my neighbors and kids teachers for Christmas. They make great gifts :).

We had a great Valentine's Day...we usually make the day about our family.  It's just what we do so we started out early (because our kids have caught on) with a small gift for everyone...

Solon got this, Vera got something like this and Lucy got this and something like this

Followed by pink heart pancakes, which I managed to burn the first round!  I simply placed a large heart metal cookie cutter in the pan and poured the batter in and then pulled it off with some tongs and flipped ;).  Just don't wait too long to flip...;)

We finished the day with some baking because it's someone's love language to bake...#Vera

Scott said the store associate knew what he was making and I said I bet he thought it would be slightly more romantic ;) was a family feast of chocolate covered strawberries.  These 3 did a great job cooking!  Clearly the way to ours hearts is our bellies!  

Can we just talk about This Is Us?  I am so nervous for the episodes coming up #tissuesneeded
It's definitely a favorite of mine right now!  What do you think is going to happen? #stress

Another favorite tv show is When Calls the Heart (Hallmark Channel).  The first 2 seasons are on Netflix, the 3rd season releases February 19th and the 4th season begins on the Hallmark Channel on the 19th too.   It's sweet, romantic and just a fun, very PG show to watch.  Have you seen it?

I had a mom fail moment this week and so I wrote a little post to encourage as all that one moment of failure doesn't define  us as failures.  If you need a word hug, go give it a read and share it with another momma too!

You Are Not a Failure Post

Target.  Enough said, they knocked it out of the park with their Cat and Jack spring line, especially the shoes...I detailed my favorites in this post.

Target Post

Last but not least I started my monthly home series, where I snoop around people's houses visit people's homes, take lots of pictures and then interview the home-owner.  I started so go check out our home here.

Welcome Home Post

...and before you go here's a little encouragement video for you!  You never know who needs to hear your kind words!

What are you up to this weekend? Anyone else have a 3 day weekend?  

Until Next time keep on smiling and keep on keeping on!


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