Friday Favorites: A Mouse in The Van...

Hey Friends!  Happy Friday!  Thanks so much for stopping by and sharing life together.  I love blogging because I have met so many awesome and kind people like YOU.  So let's grab a caffeinated beverage of choice #becauseitsfriday and not judge me too harshly for the story I am about to share.  

A Mouse in the Van.

Text message conversation about said mouse...Remember we are friends, don't judge me!

Yep.  This is how we all felt.

Wednesday morning we hopped in the car for school drop off when I noticed my large zippered bag of almonds was tipped over and open.  #Nuts  I leaned over to pick it up and thought it strange not a nut was scattered about.  I wracked my brain and did not remember finishing them and know my kids don't like them and then out of a horror movie, the music duh-duh-duh started.  

If I didn't eat them and my kids didn't eat them and there was none on the floor...there was most certainly a mouse in the car.  Now you might think that is a stretch but we live on a cornfield and although #thankthegoodlord we have never had a mouse in our house, we have had them in our garage on occasion.  I had grabbed the stroller from the garage and put it in the back of the car and I think it hopped a ride.  When I went back to investigate that area, where the stroller was, there was  droppings everywhere #eww #cleanstat.  

Needless to say I called Scott in a panic all the while driving thinking things were brushing my ankles because I have had an ankle run in with a mouse before.  I was at my Grandma's in the country and a little mouse nibbled on my heel #truestory. 

I shared all of this on Instagram stories and learned in fact mice often get into vehicles and can be extremely destructive like eat car upholstery, chew wires and one even pooped in someone's designer purse #no.  So I went to Hy-vee and grabbed traps and dryer sheets (because they hate those) and I went to war with that mouse meaning I got it all set up in the van and then waited for my husband to get home ;)!  

I am 99% sure he did not believe me but set 4 more traps in the van for a total of 8 and left it for the night...

And guess what we caught mr. mouse in the van UNDER MY SEAT and I have heebeejeebees just thinking about it. 

We have one trap still in the way back in case he has a partner and I pray he doesn't because we are all a little traumatized by the ordeal.  Vera and I both did a looksie before tip toeing in and I kept wanting to drive with my feet on the dash ever since. 

 ...and because I spent WAY too much time consumed with all things mice, we are going to just leave it at that today!  In case you missed it I did talk all about more lovely things like our cruise all week, so check that out.  Don't worry mice can't travel through the internet, you are safe!  But just in you go.

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Also, I have had lots of questions about our cruise so I am going to do a whole Q & A post so if you have any other questions, please leave them in the comments or email me :).

Have the best mouse-free weekend my friends.  We are getting our car detailed! ;)


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