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February Monthly Goals and a Recap...

Monday, February 6, 2017

Wow!  Just like that January has come and gone.  I guess you throw in a cruise and the month goes faster ;).  We should all remember that next year...we will all go cruising.  Anyway, I am back to hold myself accountable to the goals I made and share what's up for February!  

Let's Recap my January goals were...

1.  Shower at Night
2.  No Phone Time from 5-8pm 
3.  Make a manageable daily to do list 
4.  Sort kids clothes and prepare to consign 
5.  Go to bed by 10:30pm 

I am happy to report that I did well.  Most of these I can't say I did every.single.day BUT knowing that I was striving toward these goals I would have a little voice in my head to say put down the phone or go to bed.  All the kids closets were cleaned out and clothes were sorted donate, consign and save for Lucy and my first tote is at consignment and I took one load to Salvation Army. I have an itch to do more cleaning out...so much STUFF!  Did I mention clutter makes me crazy!  

So here are my February Goals...

1.  No Phone time from 5-8pm.  I need this boundary, I just so easily grab my phone and drift off to insta-land.  So I am trying hard to put the phone down and enjoy family time.

2.  Do 1 encouraging thing everyday for someone.  Whether I smile, text a friend, open the door for a stranger, just send some good encouragement into the world that altogether feels quite sad right about now.  I can't change it all but I can spread joy and joy I will spread!  I am doing a 14 day challenge on instagram stories so follow me and join in!  Proverbs 16:24 pictured above is one of my favorite verses #truth.

3.  Remember the blog is a hobby ;)  I love to blog, I love to connect and it's therapeutic but its for fun.  I should never feel I need to post something or skip other duties to do this, I am an all or nothing girl so deep breaths ;)

4. Start the one year bible reading plan - our church is encouraging us to do it.  I am working on writing some bible curriculum (I use that term loosely #slowgoing) but I want to have a broad scope of the bible.  We are doing the M'Cheyne Bible Reading plan.  There is a lot to read everyday but I have been loving it and learning a lot.  We are in Job, Mark, Luke, Genesis, Exodus, Romans and 1 Corinthians for the month of February :).  So far I have been able to draw parallels between passages I wouldn't otherwise!  Anyone else reading through the bible this year?  I just hope if I fall behind, I don't give up!

5.  Drink 5 glasses of water every day.  I drink way too much coffee and tea with one soda thrown in too and I just need more water in my life -- for my skin, my sleep and my health.  Hold me accountable!

And just a reminder my yearly goal is to strive for God's approval above man's...I am such a people pleaser!  I have already had opportunities to practice this and I am praying God will teach me and help me.  He is faithful.  Here is my verse of the year!  

What are your February goals?  Share and give me some more ideas for future months!!!  

Until next time, keep on smiling and keep on keeping on,

xoxo ERIN

4 comments on "February Monthly Goals and a Recap..."
  1. I have seen that verse 5 different times this week in different areas. I think it is definitely God working in my life! Right? It has become one of my favorites now too.

    I'm a new reader and follower and love how you share God with your followers on here and instagram.

    I've been doing The One Year Bible; I got it for Christmas and January was great! However, I read most of February (days 2-5) over the weekend where I had gotten behind. Hopefully I can keep up with it better for the remaining days of the month! I just posted on my instagram how verses written so so many years ago are playing into what's going on in our nation today. It's like it was written just last week for us to share.

    1. Oh my goodness what sweet encouragement - thank you so much! It means more than you know. I am glad is seen in my life, I desire that greatly. He is so worthy! We can do it, we can read it all and yes the verses are so applicable right now. God is amazing in how He transcends time truly. My mind busts open regularly at the thought! Have the best day my sweet friend! xoxo ERIN

  2. Great goals for February! I love your goal of no phone time from 5-8.

    1. Oh my goodness I need boundaries ;) and accountability from you sweet gals!!!! Have the best week Jenny! xoxo ERIN


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