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25 Meals and How I Grocery Shop...

Monday, February 27, 2017
So today I am taking you inside my mind #itscrazyinthere and giving you a peak into how I meal plan and grocery shop for our family of 5.  As a mom, I have to have a plan or that hour before dinner is a hot mess express of hangry children and a tired momma!  Amen?

We don't do a big and fancy meal every night of the week but we do eat at home almost every single night.  We got into that habit last year when we were paying double taxes (no we didn't forget).  We built our home and so it takes a while for your assessment to change and when it does, your escrow account has to catch up ;).  SO there you have it.  Now going out to dinner is more of a treat for our family!

Enough of that...you know the drill, grab your favorite caffeinated beverage and let's get this Monday party started.

Now that I covered HOW I make my grocery list, my love for Wal-Mart grocery pick-up.  I do shop at Aldi too (you can read my love of Aldi here).  I will share my go to grocery items every single week.  Feel free to download this graphic and have at ready when you make your grocery list. #laminateit (I laminate everything #teacherproblems).

The nice thing about Wal-Mart Grocery #nothisisnotsponsored, is that it remembers frequently purchased items which is what I referenced when I made this handy dandy graphic ;).

Every week as I meal plan I also check my pantry list (graphic above -- feel free to save and print).   

So now that we have the staples on the list, the next step is to make a meal plan, like I referened in the video, I keep all my past weekly meal plans so I know what I have made and it gives me ideas for the week I am planning for.  I generally plan for 5 meals because there is always leftovers and frozen pizza ;).  

Making some chili...

Here we go my 25 meals for February...

  1. Lasagna, garlic bread and salad (I buy the stuffers frozen lasagna)
  2. French Dips with chips and fruit  (crockpot roast meat)
  3. Rotisserie Chicken Salad pitas (chicken, pecans, grapes, celery and mayo to taste)
  4. Grilled cheese and tomato soup
  5. Italian Chicken, potatoes and green beans
  6. Super Nacho Casserole
  7. Crockpot Roast, potatoes, green beans and gravy
  8. Homemade pizza and salads
  9. Leftover crockpot roast biscuit pockets with gravy and peas
  10. Walking tacos with refried beans and avocado
  11. Chicken tender salads with crescent rolls
  12. Cheesey Broccoli Chicken Casserole
  13. Sourdough pancakes, sausage and smoothies
  14. Chili and cornbread
  15. Fajitas with refried beans and guacamole
  16. Make your own mini pizzas
  17. Jambalaya with kielbasa sausage and cornbread
  18. Thai Chicken Noodles
  19. Pigs in a blanket with fresh fruit and veggies
  20. Homemade chicken pot pie with fruit
  21. Biscuits and gravy with sausage, smoothies
  22. BBQ meatballs, rice and roasted parmesan garlic broccoli
  23. Fancy Pants chicken with sautéed potatoes
  24. Broccoli Cheddar soup, rolls and fruit
  25. Baked Turkey Pesto Sandwich 

So there you have it, a recap of everything we ate in February and now that I have been perusing my pinterest boards, I have inspiration for next month.  Many of these meals are super easy, because this momma is not a gourmet chef #somedaymaybe #notlikely.  

What's on your meal plan, do you have a fan favorite recipe.  Please share so I can try it in March :)  

Until next time keep on smiling and keep on keeping on!

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11 comments on "25 Meals and How I Grocery Shop..."
  1. Yum!! I have to meal plan every week, or I'm in trouble. Our schedules change from week to week, so knowing our dinner plans for each day makes my life one bit simpler. Happy Monday!

    1. YES! If I don't do it, I seriously would wander aimlessly around Target and have nothing food related for our week. I need a plan or I will go more crazy than I already am!!! xoxo ERIN

  2. We're having a favorite of mine tonight for dinner; Egg Roll in a bowl (http://www.bunsinmyoven.com/2015/08/24/sausage-egg-roll-in-a-bowl/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed:+BunsInMyOven+(Buns+In+My+Oven))
    Try it out! It's yummy!

    1. Thanks Abigail :) I am totally adding it to my menu plan and pinning it too! My kids do love egg rolls so I bet they will like it too. I will report back! xoxo ERIN

  3. I love that you can order your groceries and swing by to pick them up. What a time saver that is.

    1. I know - is it far to your local Wal-Mart, is it a 45 minute trip? That's not quite as convenient ;). I hope you had a good weekend Jenny! xoxo ERIN

  4. I usually make a double batch of the meat mixture when I make Egg Roll in a Bowl, so I can freeze the meat mixture and just warm up quick with broccoli slaw on a crazy night of activities. And I use my rice cooker to preset and cook.

    1. You are so smart - that's a great idea :) xoxo ERIN

  5. I love how many meal plan ideas I just got :) Thank you so much! I loved reading this post. I love seeing how people plan and shop. We cook the majority of our meals at home as well. Have a great day!

    1. Well you know how to fill a girls bucket ;) thanks for your sweet encouraging words, I hoped it would bless someone. I always love your meal planning posts. It's nice to see what others are cooking :). Yes we eat mostly at home and the unintended benefit has been our waistlines - ha ;)! #Ilovefrenchfries Have a good week, praying for outdoor recesses for you ;)! xoxo ERIN

  6. I just shared some yummy recipes on my blog today :) This was so good to see how you shop and plan your meals. I meal plan 5 meals a week as well - Friday is always pizza and the other night is leftovers or ordering out. I'm intrigued by this super nacho casserole, where can I find that recipe??


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