Super Simple Smoothies...

Tis the season to un-indulge.  Every year I survive all December doing fairly well not over indulging and then come Christmas I go hog wild.  Why????  Then when it's all done and I go back to eating normally my tummy grumbles for a few days because I have stretched it out with more cookies, appetizers, 2nd helpings and too much caffeine.  Sigh....anyone else?

I love a good smoothie but my mornings are busy and I need something quick which normally translates to a cliff bar or the like.  I am trying to get more greens and fruit in my diet but smoothie assembly in the morning just ain't gonna happen...

So I add all the ingredients I need to my Wal-Mart pick-up order. (Side note -- have you tried it yet? It's Awesome!)

Smoothie Grocery List:
fresh spinach
frozen strawberries
frozen blueberries
unsweetened vanilla almond milk  (alternate option: 1/4 cup of milk or yogurt)

Then I come home and gather my mason jars like these and assemble all my smoothies for the week.  I cut the banana in half and push to the bottom (if you have over ripe bananas they work great for smoothies too!).  Then just pile in about 1/2 of each frozen fruit (this week I just used strawberries so I added a little extra).  I top off with a generous handful of spinach.  If I don't use all the spinach, I simply freeze the rest for the next week in a plastic bag with air removed.  I place all the mason jars in the freezer to be pulled out all week long (but if you don't get to all of them they keep for a while frozen!).

Now I do one of two things - I either put the mason jar in the fridge the night before if I remember to thaw a bit to help blend or I might microwave for 15 seconds.  Sometimes, I live wild and just dump right into my Ninja smoothie cup.  I add in a dash of my preferred dairy (I use almond milk) and a splash of water to help blending.

Then blend and serve.  My Ninja nutri-cup has a  drinking lid so I don't even have to transfer but if you don't have one, you could pour back into your mason jar and use this lid.  I like using a straw because I have sensitive teeth :), but its your preference. 

Then if I am in a hurry I can take it to go!  My kids are always wanting some too (I often serve smoothies when we have breakfast for dinner -- just an idea :).  If you are wanting more nutritional support, you could add in vanilla protein powder or vita-greens (but I don't ;).

Smoothies really can be as creative as you want...I always get new ideas but I always come back to my old standard of strawberry, blueberry, and banana combo with spinach or kale (you can freeze it too the same way).  

I try to do a smoothie a day either for breakfast or lunch or both if I need to really behave ;).  

Do you like smoothies?  What do you put in yours?   

Try prepping them for the whole week, it makes it so much faster and I am more inclined to do it since it doesn't take a ton of time to prep!  Now let's hope our tummies stop grumbling ASAP ;)!

Happy New Year!
xoxo Erin

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