Perfectly Port Travels: Caribbean Cruise Days 3 & 4...

This week I am recapping our Caribbean Cruise, if you missed yesterday's post click back and start there!

Our next two stops we had planned all day excursions!  First stop was the beautiful island of St. Thomas for a catamaran sail, snorkel, beach lunch and beach afternoon.  The catamaran ended up being a pirate ship complete with a gang plank and I walked off of it twice #whynot.

We started off the day snorkeling off the coast of St. Thomas at Buck Island.  A 2 foot shark swam by us, we saw huge conch shells (like 12 inches) and we swam with about 8 sea turtles.  They would surface to breathe right next to us.  It was unbelievable!  There were also lots of beautiful fish including a Dory look-alike!

We then sailed on the pirate ship (pictured in the background) over to Honeymoon Cove where we had lunch on the beach.  It was delicious, especially the ribs.  After lunch, we hung out in the water because it was warm and laying out. 

We finished with a sail back to the ship and rum out for the rum punch #enoughsaid.  Anytime I can be on a boat with the wind in my hair, I am a happy camper. This was one of my favorite days!

We saw a bunch of iguanas sunning themselves by the pier at every port!

At this point, we had no idea just how fried we were.  I never, let me repeat, wear a bikini #selfconcious but I did for our cruise and my skin didn't know what to do!  We went back to the ship and ordered room service to enjoy on our balcony while we watched the sun set.  Then we got gussied up and headed to dinner and a show (the shows are so good) before turning in for the night #waytoomuchsun.

The next day, we were off to sunny St. Kitts!  We ordered room service to enjoy on our balcony before heading out for another all day excursion.

We met up with our native guide Javin and his sidekick monkey Diggy!

First we went hiking in the rain forest where he showed us all sorts of plants from wild basil to avocado trees, bamboo that grew 12-24 inches a day and over beautiful brooks.

The monkey was always ready to take a free ride...

That bamboo grew by 12-24 inches a day.  I felt like Honey I shrunk the Kids next to it!

After our hike in the rain forest we drove through some villages before stopping by the lava rock beach.  The volcano is now dormant but this beach was beautiful.  It's closed to the public but our guide fixed up a rope and we scaled down ;).  

After this we headed to an old cotton gin to talk about the history of the island.  It's under the English commonwealth and at one time was a huger manufacturer of cotton and sugar.  Now they mostly survive on tourism.  We had the best picnic lunch with empanadas from a local bakery as well as fresh sweet was SO good!

We then headed to the other part of the island for some snorkeling and beach time.  This half of the island is much more commercialized and he said soon will be full of hotels and resorts.  Nevis, St. Kitt's sister island is in the distance, home to Oprah and Bill Gate's vacation homes!  This island was breathtaking!

We hopped out of the open air bus and got geared up to head out toward thats big rock.  A big ship sunk in the late 1800's there and its full of fish and sea life.  It was a bit of a swim and the water was a bit chilly at first!

We saw more sea turtles - so cool!

...and even our guide monkey went swimming!

Look at that sea star...they were littered all over the ground.  It was more great snorkeling and we were the only ones there!

After snorkeling, we spent the rest of the afternoon on the beach soaking in the sun, enjoying the view and more empanadas and a little rum punch #welearnedourlesson.

Late afternoon, we headed back to the ship!  We weren't the only boat in town and it's crazy how big these ships are.  We hopped into the hot tub for a bit before changing and heading for dinner, a show and watching the ISU mens basketball game.  Why yes we did!

Next up a full day at sea, Curacao and Aruba to wrap up the trip!

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