Perfectly Port Life in Pictures...

Today is just a little bit of life around in here pictures.  All those pictures that get trapped on my phone and never make it to print.  I do print blog books and they are a fan favorite around here.  We all love taking a look back.  I use Cutest Blog on the Block, check them out...I don't get a commission but I love the work they have done for us ;).

I was picking up (as evidenced by the side of this photo) and I noticed my kids added some work to the front entry decor!  So cute.  They were proud of their new art kits from Christmas.  We had to make an art drawer to store all their "favorites".  Now when it gets full we will have to sort favorites, no one wants to throw any masterpiece away ;).

We have been playing lots and lots and lots of games as a family.  We love Uno, Crazy 8's, Guess Who, Go Fish, and have been playing Ticket to Ride First Journey which Solon just got for Christmas.

This little guy braves the cold and has rosy cheeks to show for it after's dang cold but he is quite disappointed there is no snow to play in at recess with his friends.  He loves his Seahawks hat!

This little one survived her 18 month shots so we had a happy meal to celebrate, she shared with me while we waited for preschool pick-up.  Car picnic for the win!

Just a little light reading at the chiropractor...

The girls love to help me cook.  They whipped up some yummy corn bread mini-muffins to go with chili.  All the kids preferred the muffins to the chili...sigh!

Everyone was so excited about Lucy's new carseat mostly because it meant a box to play in! They played all afternoon in that box!

Bathtime is a fan favorite around here.  It can turn a frown upside down!

So...2 days after her 18 month appointment this little one got a bad case of croup so we went in and then they found out she also had a double ear infection.  She needed steroids to stop the wheezing and we got antibiotics too.  Glad I trusted my momma gut...I thought I was crazy going back 48 hours later!

We dropped Vera off with Dad at work while I took Lucy in, we had a quick CFA picnic at his office before heading out.  Lucy enjoyed the swivel chair!  Sick baby had a jammies day!

Solon started basketball and Scott is coaching.  It's seriously the cutest.  I love first graders (I taught them once upon a time).  We have a sweet group of boys and they have so much energy and are light on dribbling ;).  Solon had a blast and Scott did so well with them.  I can't wait to watch the rest of the season and cheer them on!

Lucy and I skipped church since she sounded awful.  She took a morning nap since the house was SO quiet and I enjoyed some bible time and snuggling.  Please slow down time or cuddle forever!

Just a girl dreaming of American Girl dolls...she pours over these magazines.  It's a happy mail day when the magazine shows up :)!

Big brother designed a city including an airport (like dad) and note the amusement park in the distance.

Just a morning spent getting an oil change with a much happier and on the mend sweetie!

This one loves to bake and cook.  Soon she will be taking over for me in the kitchen.  She has a passion for it!  We whipped up some m&m cookies and she measured and poured it all.

I think this one is going to lead worship like her momma!  She loves the microphone...

And she likes stealing my decor items...what mom?