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Perfecly Port Travels : Cruise Day 1 & 2...

Monday, January 30, 2017

Oh my goodness, I am still daydreaming of the cruise.  Everyday there was sun, there were
margaritas, there were lots of sun-drenched naps, dips in the ocean and food, lots of food.

Scott and I have been away from our kids for short stints here and there for weddings and little getaways but never for 9 days.  9 days.  I really wondered if we would get sick of each other after 9 days, would we have enough to talk about, would we get homesick?  The answer to all of those questions was - who are you kidding Erin? Ha!  We of course missed our kids but it was an awesome trip celebrating 10 (and 1/2) years of marriage.  We love cruising.   We love vacations.

Cruising is like a Caribbean island sampler platter!

We have always traveled on Royal Caribbean and used our same amazing travel agent (I can hook you up if you need someone).   Our last cruise I was pregnant with Solon!  This was our first cruise departing from San Juan, Puerto Rico (but we had been there as a port of call on another cruise) and we like the 7 day cruises.  It takes me about 2 days to decompress and decompress I did :).  At one point I thought I am not thinking about a dang thing...when has that ever happened?

We like to fly in the day before we are sure not to miss the boat due to travel complications, the cruise leaves on time and doesn't wait.  We flew 2 one-way tickets and it was WAY cheaper to do so.  We flew down on Delta and back on United and we use Kayak to scope out prices and then book with the airline directly.

So we travel on discount airlines frequently because there are 5 of us and they fly direct to the places we need to go so I was kid giddy when I could watch movies on our long flight to Puerto Rico (I watched Bridget Jone's Baby on the way down - so cute and Bad Moms on the way back - ignore the strong language and its relatable).  

Meanwhile back at home the kids were having the time of their lives.  True story, Vera said when we got back, I missed you but I had SO much fun!  We are so thankful for our parents and friends stepping in and holding down the fort while we were gone!

We got in late to our hotel.  We stayed the Holiday Inn Express Condado Beach and it was clean, well-priced and a quick taxi ride to the pier with complimentary breakfast and wifi!

The next morning we were up and ready to go and ready to board the ship by 11am when they opened the doors to start checking people in!  We wanted to enjoy the ship all day long.  I was feeling festive in navy stripes for the occasion!

Every.single.time we approach the ship I am in awe of how HUGE they are.  Ours was a middle range ship and had 3200 people on board (max of 3800) and 1200 crew members.  I mean thats an Iowa town floating in the ocean!  

SO ready to vacation...we got on board and took a tour, we had strict instructions from the kids to take pictures of a few important (to them) places!

First stop adult only pool area (no kids allowed, I love kids but when my own aren't present I am good with adults only ;).  

Of course they wanted to see the main pool deck and kids water park area...

Before checking out the sports deck complete with rock climbing wall, flow rider, 2 water slides and mini golf!  I had my eyes set on the flow rider!  I am holding my dress in all of these photos because it was WINDY...I was trying not to flash our new friends ;)!

After lunch in the buffet area (hello nacho bar everyday with guacamole and queso :) we headed back to the adult only pool area and got us some fruity drinks.  Momma's on vacation - margarita please!

Then the vast portion of the rest of vacation had me lounging in said position...#vacationgoals

We walked into our state room late in the afternoon and I was like "Um this isn't it, ours has a window only!"  Our awesome travel agent got us upgraded to a balcony room and I was kid giddy again.  Vera was worried something might fall overboard but I can say nothing did #railingwenttomyboobs.

We enjoyed the view and the lights coming on in Puerto Rico before we got our bags and unpacked.  The rooms are, you know, compact so I prefer to unpack.  There is no light packing on cruises.

Then it was time to get dressed for dinner and head out for the evening with as much entertainment as we could handle.  We love the piano bar!  Good tunes and sing alongs ;)!

I'll be back tomorrow with Day 3 & 4 - St. Thomas and St. Kitts.  We were heavy on exploration on those two days ashore so more picture overload and spoiler alert, more selfies #sorrynotsorry. 


9 comments on "Perfecly Port Travels : Cruise Day 1 & 2..."
  1. What a dream of a trip! I am itching to go somewhere tropical right now! Hubs and I are celebrating our tenth wedding anni this year, so I think we need to plan a trip!

    1. Hey thanks for stopping over today :) Hope this week is off to a great start for you after a few hard ones I know :(. Yes you need to plan something, congrats on 10 years. We waited to go in the doldrums of winter because we need some vitamin D refills :)! xoxo ERIN

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  3. So much fun!!! Can't wait to see all the pics for the rest of the vacation!!!

    1. You are so sweet! It WAS so fun and a nice vacation. Thankful to have gone for sure! xoxo ERIN

  4. Replies
    1. It was by far the largest we had...but we especially loved the balcony - a nice surprise! xoxo ERIN

  5. Oh my gosh I can't wait to keep reading! I'm so jealous of your trip! Me and the hubby have never been away from our kids together, we are due :) And I agree, if my kids aren't around, I don't want others around either lol

    1. It will be 10 years until we go away again ;) Yes I love kids but when I am away I want to be away without little people! It was so worth getting away though...I kept saying we need to do this again someday -- ;) xoxo ERIN


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