New Years Goals...

I am linking up today and sharing my new years goals with all of you!  Head over to Shay and Erika's blog to get more inspiration and motivation to keep on keeping on (#KOKO). 

I like to keep my yearly goals broad in nature and then do more specific, measurable goals for each month, so let me start by rewinding to 2016 and sharing about my yearly goal.

2016: Overcoming Fear

I have been an anxious person for as long as I can remember.   Fear and I were friends, we spent lot of time together.  I am a hypochondriac and often feared the worst.  My kids would go drive with their dad and I would fear they would get in a car accident, I had a bad headache I surely have a brain tumor (because that happened to someone we know).  I know it seems silly but there would be times where the fear would paralyze me from just enjoying the moment and life.  
I have a VERY good memory and although that serves me well in telling you what you and I wore when we met, I often remember the bad, hard vivid memories too.  All that to say, I was tired of allowing fear to rule my life.  I decided in 2016 I was going to ask God to help me overcome my fear. 

I wanted victory in my life.  I told my bible study small group I needed prayer and I set about renewing my mind when fear would creep in. By about June, I found that my mind was more at mind wasn't running to fear.  
Do I still get anxious when I see the awful state of our world? YES.  Does it still hurt my tummy when someone is sick? YES.  Do I live in fear any longer when I hear those things that the same will befall on me? No.  My pastor, as he was giving me some things to consider, mentioned that 90% of what we worry about will never come to fruition.   Do I still need to be vigilient to not succumb to fear, absolutely.  I will always have a bent to be fearful, it's just part of me but I don't have to be slave to it.  

So that leads me to this year...

2017:  Find my worth in God alone

So this seems as daunting as last year's goal BUT knowing that God met me there and my friends were faithful in holding me accountable and praying for me, I am confident I can work towards this goal too!  I am a people pleaser.  Man oh man, I have this innate need to make the biggest skeptic out there a believer in me and I will walk to the ends of the Earth to get them satisfied.  Why?  My worth should come from the Lord.  

I was studying Joseph at Christmas and was so struck by his commitment to obeying Christ regardless of what other's thought.  I found this verse...For am I now seeking the approval of man, or of God? Or am I trying to please man? If I were still trying to please man, I would not be a servant of Christ.  Galatians 1:10.  I desire to serve and love God and do as He asks and not worry so much about what others think.  His approval is what I desire for 2017.

My verse of the year is this -

January Goals:

1.  Shower at Night -- I am awful at washing my make-up off at night. I just am.  I also was running behind every morning trying to get everyone ready.  I have found that if I shower at night - my make-up gets washed off AND I can get ready so much faster in the morning!  It's working great 11 days in :).

2.  No Phone Time from 5-8pm -- Both Scott and I are trying this this month.  We put our phones upstairs out of sight and mind and we are present with our kids.  I found that even if I got on just to check a text message or the weather, I would inevitably end up on social media.  It's been a good exercise for us!  

3.  Make a manageable daily to do list -- I have a list maker by nature but stepped away from them because I found my day was good or bad based on what I accomplished on the sacred to do list.  I am working on making my list manageable and being okay with something not getting crossed off.

4.  Sort kids clothes and prepare to consign -- We are going through drawers and clothes and preparing clothes for spring consignment.  I can't believe how much they have grown.  It feels good to pare down and know what I need to buy them versus just going to the store and not having a plan (sigh...planner by nature).  The girls both need the next size up in leggings and Solon needs the next size up in pants. 

5.  Go to bed by 10:30pm -- I will peruse social media for far too long after I should be sleeping.  As I mentioned in yesterday's post, I need my sleep!  So I am working on establishing a good bedtime this month!

Blogging Goals

Okay and I have to mention my blogging goals -- they say (whoever they is) that most bloggers poop out about 3-6 months.  I am in month 4 of doing this for more than my mom (hey mom, I love you :). My goal is to keep going! Those of you who blog know it can be up and down.  I am so excited people are linking up to my current link up (shameless plug, you should join us).  I hope to continue that and keep on keeping on with 2-4 posts per week.  I want to have fun, connect with other women and try new things and not worry about numbers so much.  So that's my goal...I have learned a lot from all of you and the Mom Blog School podcast (found in iTunes).

So there you have it - I plan to share my monthly goals all year long and who knows I might share how my overall yearly goal is going to!  It holds me accountable :)

Happy New Year.  

Please share in the comments what goals you have for the new year.  I would love to hear...

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XOXO -- Erin

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