Mr & Mrs: How We met 15 years ago...

15 short years ago, I did something I never usually would do...

I headed out with a girlfriend (friend from the dorm) to Missouri for New Years.  My parents had just moved again and I knew no one where they lived so the prospect of hanging out with friends outweighed doing something outside my comfort zone so off I went on a road trip!  

We headed down to our friend Shawn's house.  I met Scott when we arrived (he was the only one I didn't know).  We were talking as a group and I asked him what he got for Christmas.  We still joke his pick-up line was his response. He mentioned a few unmemorable things and then said, "Do you like my belt?"  
Engagement Photo 2005
The rest of the trip was a series of different activities and adventures that culminated in a trip back to our friends house and my hands were SO cold, he offered to warm them up.  Now if you know Scott at all, this is NOT him!  I laid my head on his shoulder to rest my eyes and later that evening we had a sweet kiss right before we rung in the new year (11:49pm to be exact ;).  The next morning before we each went our separate ways, I told him to call me.  He told me he didn't like talking on the phone.  I lamented to my friend the whole way home what a mistake it was to have kissed him and I felt a fool!  When I arrived home and logged on to my computer later, I found not 1 but 3 emails from him, so although he was too shy to talk on the phone, he didn't mind emailing ;)! 

I visited a friend in his neck of the woods a week later so we could go on a double date.  She knew him from growing up (she verified he indeed was a good guy) - small world!  After that, we returned to school and were pretty much inseparable.  We got engaged my junior year and were married when he graduated 5 years from when we met.  We celebrated 10 years of marriage in June 2016 and a whole lot of laughter, memories, tears and growth in between!  

June 2006
We always reminisce that a New Years road trip was so out of both of our comfort zones but we are thankful we both went and met.  The rest as they say is history.  A sweet New Years memory, we celebrate every year.

He is the calm to my crazy, the saving to my spending, the pensive to my impulsive and I think I compliment him too!

We had made life an adventure, every twist and turn, every high and every low, I am thankful!

Happy New Year!


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