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It's Friday and oh my word...I am so so happy to see you!  The week after vacation has me SO tired.  I was all refreshed you guys but Mom-ing is like a sport, you take a week off and you get out of shape.  I am out of mom shape.  Today, I have some Friday Favorites and then next week is ALL CRUISE all week long.  Cruise fashion and Cruise Recap #sorrynotsorry.  I was not on top of my game this week and I needed a moment to get this hot mess express on track!

So let's grab our a cup of coffee and share the randomness that is my Friday Favorites...

I try really hard to dig into the word everyday, I am going to be honest, it doesn't always happen.  Most days I send my oldest off to school with my husband at 7:45am and while the girls are eating breakfast, I sip coffee and read my bible.  The last few January's I have kicked off the year reading through 1 proverb a day.  I also started dating my notes so that when I come back to a book of the bible I have already studied I can see what stuck out to me.  If you were to see my Lamentations 3:22-24 section, it's all about our miscarriage and difficulty getting pregnant, my mom's cancer scare, etc.  It's a great way to see where I have been and what I have learned during different seasons.  I don't color but I date!

This is my go to meal to take to people.  I hardly ever post recipes on this blog because there are people far more gifted in this arena BUT this one is a fan favorite and hard to screw up (although I have a time or two, sigh!).  It's a pinterest recipe my sister-in-law Raquel made for us when we got home from the hospital with our last daughter.  It was so good, I quickly adopted it.

Italian Chicken Bake

4-6 Chicken breasts cut in half/boneless chicken thighs (or combo) 
1 lb fresh or frozen whole green beans
3-5 yellow potatoes diced into 1/2-1 inch cubes
1 stick of butter cubed
1 package of zesty italian dry dressing mix

Make 3 lines - 1 for green beans, chicken in the middle and potatoes on the other side
Place cubes of butter intermittently
Sprinkle italian dressing over all
Cover with aluminum foil
Bake for an hour at 350 covered
Check softness of potatoes and chicken should be cooked through

I started a new bible study with my bible study ladies and's good.  Jen Wilken can teach!  It's a book with a video session each week and she just lays out scripture so succinctly.  So far I love it!

1 Peter by Jen Wilkin

It was giant day at preschool and I tootled around town with this HUGE panda bear as my passenger #thelooksIgot.  My sister (with no kids ;) got one for each of my two older kids, she thinks Lucy needs one too.  I think 2 in my house is plenty.  I cannot wait to repay gift her back someday!  

Okay so this last thing is more of a poll!  I have been getting back into tip-top Mom shape this week which has required additional caffeine consumption.  I ran out of pop on, oh Tuesday, so I am down to one random bottle of pepsi in my pantry and desperate times call for desperate measures.  Why do regular pepsi products taste flat compared to regular coke products?  I LOVE (like really really love) diet mountain dew but regular mountain dew and pepsi just taste flat.  Anyone else????  Anyway that was quite random, but hey that's where my brain is at, coasting on caffeine fumes into the weekend! 

And for you football fans....

We dressed the part but yikes it was a rough game...The Seahawks (Solon's team) and the Steelers (Grandpa's team) are all out.  I guess we will just gorge our way through the super bowl instead!

Have the best weekend my friends!  Thanks so much for stopping by...


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