Friday Favorites....

Oh Friday I am happy to see you!  The first week after break has us all like...

We reigned in the bedtimes, the desserts, the snacking, the caffeine (sort of) -- sigh...
 No wonder we are ready for the weekend!  We made it to the weekend friends - hooray!

Today I am sharing some of my favorites with all of you!  Let's sip some decaf (yeah right) and get to it!


I have 2 fun new games we got for Christmas to share with you.  Think Valentine's gifts or put it on your wish list for when you need a tried and true recommendation :).

The first is a family game for all ages.  It's called Snipe.  It comes with 2 little creatures that you hide from another player.  Think hide and go seek but they start to make sound and eventually light up to help players locate them.  Once found you return them to the home station.  We did races of who could find them first and can be played both indoors and outdoors.  My mom got it for the kids and it's been a fan favorite.  A great activity to get kids moving and wiggles out! all know about this game but seriously it's worth all the hype!  Watch Ya Mouth.  I have NEVER laughed so hard at a game NOR have I seen my husband laugh so hard EVER.  My sister gifted us the game and she got extra mouth pieces.  We simply dishwashed the mouth pieces after each game!  You can get additional cards or for a fun twist make up your own phrases.  It's a great party game!



Yes I said that - sigh...

I shared about my super simple smoothies yesterday.  I make them all in advance and simply pull out and blend each morning.  I do notice a difference in how I feel when I incorporate them into my diet as I keep reminding myself. 

You can also check out my fitness board on pinterest for some fresh new ideas!

Also if you are in the market for some new fitness fashion, I listed a few of my favorites below.  I wait by the dryer for these pieces...they are my very favorite and have worn well over the years!  I may or may not wear these items even if I don't work out but shhhh don't tell the random people at Target, I want them to think I worked out as I gobble up my soft pretzel ;)!


Solon went to the coolest event last weekend with a friend.  He went to a Ninja Warrior class.  A local gym offers a bunch of classes you can sign up for.  If you are looking for a great way to work out the winter wiggles and are local, check here or download their app for all the latest times.  If you aren't local, google a place in your area.  He had a blast and I am already thinking what a great place for a birthday party :)!


I shared how the Mr and I met this week so if you want to see a few oldie but goodie photos of us, check that out.

I also shared our year in review. 2016 was good to us!


Before you go, I am hosting a link-up next week.  I am so excited.   Grab the button and link-up.  I can't wait to learn more about all of you!

January 10th-- 10 Random Facts about You
February 10th -- 10 Household tips and Hacks

Grab the button and link-up on 1/10!

Have the best weekend my friends.  Solon starts basketball and Scott's coaching.  Wish us luck!  Other than that, we are looking forward to a much needed quiet weekend!


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