Decisions, Decisions: Convertible Car Seats...

We make SO SO SO many decisions as mommas.  I mean before my feet leave the bed I have the make the choice to hit snooze 1 or 2 times ;).  

  Sometimes, my head hurts just processing all the decisions I make in a day! Do you ever just want help making a wise decision? Yes me too!   I am hear to help, maybe?  You may find it helpful, you may not....

Today we are talking car seats....there are so many car seats.  

My husband was shocked when our first was born that by the time he was five, we might need 3 different kinds.  I had to hold his head so it would stop spinning.   As a parent, car seats are essential and important for safety so you want the best but at price point you can afford.  Amen?

We used the same carseat for our first two but it expired before our 3rd child was born.  Yes, carseats expire...and hubby's head is spinning again ;)!  We opted to go with the chicco brand for all 3 kids and had this one most recently.  I will tell you our daughter has fit the dimensions and is just now transitioning out.  It's super easy to install with our van's latch system and has a built in level system so you know when its secure.  We have needed to wash it a few times and it is easy to disassemble, wash (we tumble dried) and reassemble.  It's fairly light (you know with a child in it ;).  Overall, I would buy it all over again and recommend it to everyone!

one // two // three

Now our little lady is ready for an upgrade!  She needs a convertible seat!  I have a friend and former colleague who installs carseats at events and is SO knowledgeable about them, I wrote her a quick notes and was able to narrow it down to these 3 seats pretty quickly.

She also reffered me to this site for additional information.

So here was where my decision got hard.  We have always loved our chicco infant seat, we have had a britax boulevard for our older two (also now expired...sigh!) and our older daughter is still petite and uses the Graco Nautilus as a booster (with a seat belt).  So all three brands have been great to us! All have perks and drawbacks but overall, I would buy all 3 again.


The Chicco NextFit straps cannot be taken off or removed for washing, all the reviews say its incredibly difficult to take apart :(.  Now that seems like no big deal but we have needed to wash all of our carseats several times over so that was a drawback plus it was the highest price at the time of purchase, they don't go on sale much.  However, it is a top five pick by carseat blog and was recommended by my friend!


The Britax Clicktight Boulevard was my #1 choice and I almost bought it.  We loved our last boulevard and our daughter was in it until she was 4 very comfortably.  They changed the design and now you use a seatbelt to restrain the carseat.  I prefer our van's latch system to the seat belt so I was not super excited about the new option.  My friend also mentioned the seat was not as deep in the new model and since we plan to use this seat until our daughter needs a simple booster, I was leary.  Once again, we love Britax, great brand, highly recommended but those 2 new changes had us concerned.


The Graco 4Ever All-In-One was not even on my radar to be honest.  I liked our Graco booster but was kind of brand loyal to Britax and Chicco.  However, it had the latch system I preferred, was recommended as a top five carseat on this reputable site and our friends have this carseat and love it.  It has several reclining options based on front or rear facing since I like my babies to sleep on road trips, a recline is important.  I also like that its 4 carseats in one - rear-facing,front facing, high back booster and eventually plowback booster. This should be it for carseats for Lucy!  Plus, these are silly perks but it has cup holders which is awesome when they get older and I loved the striped print.  Plus it was the most economical out of the three!

SO -- I bet you guess which one we chose? 

We ordered it from Amazon and my tip is to always check and see if you can get it in an open box.  I have had AWESOME success at getting a bit of a discount on a perfectly fine, brand new item.  We did this for our infant carseat too.  We have saved 30-40% off the price! Just an FYI!

So there you have it - our carseat decision.  I am so thankful that investment is behind us and my friend, the expert, could steer me in the right direction as well as a great website resource.   Anyone have this carseat?  We are carseat twins :)!

What decisions are you making as a momma right now? Any decisions I should cover in the future in this series?  Please share!

This is NOT a sponsored post -- I just wanted to share.  
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