2016: A Year in Review...

We started off January 2016 at the lake in Minnesota, we enjoyed broom ball, sledding and warming up by the fire.

The rest of the month we hunkered down and chilled, we did head out to bowl as a family and Vera beat us all. 

We also took advantage of some unseasonably warm weather and headed to the park.

We caucused as a family to usher in February.

Daddy and Vera headed off to a father daughter dance.

...and Auntie Ellen stopped by for the weekend before moving to Seattle, WA!

We finished up February on the beaches of Anna Maria Island, Florida while visiting Nana and Papa at their winter home.

Lucy ushered us into the lucky month of March...

 We enjoyed riding bikes again as a family since Lucy was finally old enough for the "caboose"!

We took another trip to the west this time to see Grandma and Grandpa in Arizona and Auntie Ellen met us there too!

We finished up March celebrating Easter with our cousins in MN!

By April, we were itching to enjoy the spring-like weather...

In May, we watched the sweetest tiny dancer in her first recital.

...and celebrated her completion of her first year of preschool.

Solon started his first year of t-ball and loved it.

We finished off May opening the lake for summer season on Memorial Day Weekend!

We caught all sorts of fish with Grandma and Grandpa!

In June, we headed to Ledges State Park for a day of family fun...

We celebrate Miss Lucy's first birthday

...and we celebrated 10 years of marriage!

We kicked off July with a week of fun at the lake for the 4th of July!

We celebrated an early 5th birthday for Vera while everyone was home at the American Girl Store!

...and invited our MN cousins to enjoy the lake too!

When we weren't at the lake in the summer, we spent many a day at Nana and Papa's pool and the local city pool with friends.  We ate outside, caught lightening bugs and had a neighborhood block party!

August was full of birthdays and more reunions...

A visit from our TX cousins...

...and a birthday tradition of going to the Mall of America for a special 7 year old boy!

August wouldn't be complete without Nana and Papa Camp for the older 4 cousins and then a group trip to the state fair.

We wrapped up summer with a fun day downtown exploring and having a city picnic!

Then before we knew it, it was time for school to start again.  First grade for this guy!

ISU football and Scott reefing returned...

By September we were ready to celebrate our sweet 5 year old little lady!

...and watch Daddy ref in town!

We made several trips to the Orchard in October to jump in the corn pool and sling apples...

...and we all enjoyed the candy as we trick or treated with the cutest little fairies and brave police officer!

We celebrated voting to start off November...

...and enjoyed a trip to the ocean to dip our toes in the sand!

We made it back in time to celebrate Thanksgiving with Scott's family!

...and kick off the December Christmas season with a trip to see Santa.  Some of us were more excited than others!

We squeezed in a pre-k program, Church program, and Christmas dance recital!

...and of course played in the snow, baked cookies, decorated for Christmas and enjoyed many Christmas movies and fun activities.

Before the time came to celebrate our Savior's birth at Christmas!

We celebrated with both my family and Scott's all week long!

We ushered in the New Year with sweet friends and a not-so-quiet night at home :)!

What a year 2016 was from milestones and birthdays, to trips and fun events.  Some of my favorite memories are snuggling up, watching movies together, rocking a sleepy baby, playing games around the kitchen table and kissing sweet cheeks before bed.  I hope those memories are sealed in tight because although the days may seem long, the years do sneak by SO fast.

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