10 on the 10th Linkup: 10 Random Facts About Me!

Yay!  It's 10 on the 10th, a monthly link-up where we share 10 things on the 10th ;)!  This month is super simple so you totally can blog and link up, I hope you do.  I love to learn about all of you.  Grab the graphic, tag me in your post and scroll to the bottom and link back. 

Today we are sharing 10 random facts about you!

So let's get started...

I did this one other time and shared some quirks here  and you can learn more about me here.


I am left handed.  I write left handed, eat left handed, shoot a basketball better left handed but....I learned almost everything else right-handed because that is how they teach you.  I am switch hitter, I golf right handed, play the guitar right handed (do they make a leftie guitar?) and so on.  None of my kids are left handed though, so I am a lone leftie in the house.  My only sister is left-handed though!


I never thought I would want to be a stay at home mom.  I didn't know until the day I held my son in my arms.  Literally in an instant everything changed for me.  Unfortunately, since I didn't think I wanted to stay home, I took a "dream job" and signed a one year contract before he was born.  I learned a lot in that year, it was so hard to be a working mom.  Hats off working mommas!  I am thankful to have had that experience so I can relate to working moms.  I put in my resignation letter at the end of the school year and am so thankful I have the opportunity to stay home.


Clutter makes me have a physical reaction.  I pickup my house because I feel better literally.  I don't mind clutter in anyone else's house, I don't see it I promise.  Clutter in my home, especially the paper kind, can make me crazy.  Excuse me while I go declutter something, anything...


I am a list maker.  Sometimes I add things to my list that I have already done just to cross it off.  I make a to do list everyday and sometime if laundry is on the to do list I will say - wash laundry, dry laundry, fold laundry and put away laundry.  Crossing 4 things makes me want to do it more ;)!  I love a good list - it's hereditary, right dad?


We never found out what we were having when we were pregnant.  I am type A through and through and so it surprises people to know we never found out despite monthly ultrasounds due to 3 high-risk pregnancies.  Yes, I should get a gold star for my restraint!  My husband who is SO laid-back (hello he married me!) did NOT want to find out, I honored his request.  I will say, delivery day was SO exciting and we had fun guessing every single time.  I only guessed 1/3 kiddos correctly - let's say 3rd times a charm.


I love to be silly and make people laugh.  Everyday should be filled with silliness and laughter because it's the best part of life.  I love to be a big kid with my kids.  One time that got me in trouble when I took my kids for a spin in their power wheel, let's just say it was never the same again but we laughed!  I love to laugh!  We laugh a lot around here!


I am a people pleaser.  This is part of my new years resolution because I know in my head I should only desire God's approval but golly I want to turn the greatest skeptic into a fan.  I just can't help myself. I want everyone to like me and as my momma told me as a kid, that's nearly impossible sweetheart


I sang my Maid of Honor Speech for my sister's wedding.  I knew I wanted it to be special and memorable.  It took me about 10 months of work on and practice (my kids could sing parts of it) and I used Anita Renfroe's Mom Song as a guide and sang it to the William Tell Overture.  I needed one start over but it was so fun and I am pretty sure my sister loved it.  She dressed up in a bunny suit for my 30th so I knew I had to bring my A-game (see #6 for reference on silliness and laughter!).


I broke my hip jumping on a trampoline in high school on the 4th of July.  I was 16 and I was practicing some cheerleading moves and fell wrong.  The funny thing was we convinced my dad to let us jump after my mom told us NO...sigh.  Moms are right.  Remember that kids.  Sorry dad!  I went to the ER and got wheeled in in a wheelchair and they quickly moved me to a stretcher.  They couldn't cast it because it was an avulsion (Sorry med people I might have butchered that) fracture but I couldn't move my leg and my mom had to help me shower and dress me.  Punishment for not obeying, can you imagine at 16????  I re-injured it at dance camp about 8 weeks later...I swim crooked now because of it and I favor my other side so my chiropractor is always working on evening me out ;).  


I am not a morning or night person.  I am a well-rested person.  God has given me three babies that dislike sleep in their infancy to help me overcome this but I still prefer to be well-rested.  I don't like to get up early (before 7am) and I don't like to be up past 11pm (and that's stretching it).  I need 8 hours of sleep to function but trust me for years I have gone on way less and therefore I drink way more coffee and Diet Mountain Dew than I should ;).  Anyone else well-rested people????

So there you have it 10 random facts about me!  Please grab the graphic, blog and link up!  I would love to learn more about you!  Sound off on in the comments too.

xoxo Erin

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