Have You Lost Your Christmas Spirit?

Christmas spirit?  What does that look like?

If you are feeling like yours has gone missing, you aren't alone.  It seems almost every adult feels all "bah humbug!" at some point this time of year.   Just call me Scrooge.  #ouch

Why is it that we have lost our spirit?

This time of year conjures up all sorts of feelings.  You may be grieving the loss of a loved one, feeling financial burden, over-tired, over-worked, family stress, dealing with illness, or an over-committed schedule.  You may be overwhelmed by the to do list nearly as long as Santa's naughty and nice list and your little ones aren't nearly as helpful as his elves.

Whatever the cause, you really just want to know how to go about finding some joy.  Where is that joy hiding?  Is it at the bottom of the 3rd cup of coffee?  It's not, I already looked there.

To top off the long list of stuff that is added to your plate, you have the stuff that was already on your plate.  You know the feeding, clothing, laundering, shuttling and loving you do all year through.  Most of the work associated with Christmas preparation falls on your shoulders and no one needs to tell you, your shoulders are looking slumped.

They might say: "This season will pass, they are only young once, let the wonder of Christmas in your children fill your heart." None of that really works.  No amount of close proximity to your children (and there is a lot of that) will rub the Christmas spirit on to you.

So what's a person to do?

The bible is a truth telling, promise keeping book.

Come to me all who are weary and heavy burdened and I will give you rest.  Matthew 11:28

From the lips of Jesus himself.  The very man who came into the world as a tiny infant, the very reason we celebrate Christmas.  He never meant for Christmas to become what it is today.  He didn't mean it to be about presents, parties, cards, carols, cookies, trees and stockings.

He meant Christmas to be about peace, joy, redemption, restoration and healing.

But he can't impart any of that on to unless we give him time and our heart.

Go to Him in your weariness, with your sorrow, your to do list, your financial burdens and your calendar.  Seek Him more in the chaos and craziness.  He can and will restore your weary soul.

The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.  John 10:10

Spend time with Him in prayer and reading scripture (if you aren't sure where to start read the gospel of John). 

In Him, we will find the Christmas spirit we are after.  

It's not in the best wrapped presents, Pinterest-worthy Christmas party, most delicious cookies, the joy in others, or a beautifully appointed tree.   

The essence of Christmas wrapped up in a tiny infant born to die for the redemption, restoration and joy of his people, even the weary moms among us.

If you don't know Jesus, read my story here.  

He came for you, the best gift of all.  He holds the spirit of Christmas.

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Until next time, keep on keeping on with a joyful, faith-filled life.  #tribekoko

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