5 Post-Christmas Organization Tips

How is Christmas over already? AH!  Now that it is, it's time to start thinking about how we can get organized so we are already for next year's "most wonderful time of year."  You will thank yourself if you do these simple fixes now!

1.  Fix it Before You Put it Away

If you want to finish up a craft, laminate an activity or fix a broken ornament -- DO IT NOW!  I always think I will remember or have time next year and that's never the case.  

We use the Jesus Storybook Bible and this year there was the most darling advent to go with it.  I laminated it and placed it on a little metal ring.  

2.  Christmas Cards & Update Addresses

I love them and hate to just toss them at the end of the season SO we punch a hole in the corner and tuck them onto a little metal ring like these.  My kids love to flip through the cards throughout the year.  We place our card on top and we have about 4 years worth of photo cards!

While we are talking cards, my other tip is that at Christmas is I update all my addresses in my computer that way I have a complete list of addresses.  Some years if I am in a time crunch I can print them off since its in an address template.  I have also used the list for baby announcements, etc.  It seems people move and I add to my list annually so that way I know exactly where to start next year and how many cards to order (I order a few extra and I still ran out this year).

3.  Label Your Totes 

When I pack away my Christmas gear, I label what's inside and each year I re-label if need be.  You would be surprised when you need something random in the middle of year and the last thing you want to do is dig through every box or you want to make sure your kids don't find certain things ;)!  

My husband built these custom shelves in our back room to perfectly fit our rubbermaid totes.  I love that everything is in plastic so heaven forbid there's a heavy rain and our basement has water, everything is safe!  We also hang our wreaths in front of the totes on nails!

My trusty assistant - my label maker.  Seriously organizers you get it, that skip in your step when you think of your laminator and label maker.  **Organizing nerd alert!  I actually asked for this for Christmas one year and Santa delivered :).

Last thing if you didn't use it this year, most likely you won't next year.  Place any unused items in a separate labeled tote so that you can donate or consign at the beginning of the Christmas season next year.  Most places will not take Christmas items now so it pays to be organized and ready!

5.  Redecorate 

Now, last but not least my house can look sparse almost bare when all the Christmas decor goes bye bye so I keep a few little items out all winter long!  I love the metallic touches and a sled by the front door with my pottery snowman.  Around our parts, its a long time until we come out of hibernation.  It's fun to mix your decor up and reimagine areas of your home when you put your normal decor back out. 

Before you go...

In case you need a little indoor excitement between cleaning up and organizing, you can always have SNOW much fun with snowballs this winter break.  Check out this post with all sorts of fun snowball games to play. 

As sad as it is to leave Christmas behind for the year, it is refreshing to organize, purge and prepare for the upcoming year and if we do it right now, we will be so thankful next Christmas :).

PS When I was a little girl, I always left a little something something in my stocking to find next Christmas, maybe I should do that for my kids - they would love it :)!!!!!

Until next time, keep on keeping on with an intentional, joyful, faith-filled life.  #tribekoko

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