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As a new-ish blogger (I blogged for family and friends for 6 years), I have been eating up whatever knowledge I can get.  This podcast is awesome and free.  I have listened to all 20+ episodes as I shuttle kids to and fro.  Episode 26 I left a voicemail, you can hear my voice about 3 minutes in ;).  You should head to iTunes and download...they are super informational loaded with lots of tips!

This year I made a real effort to wrap as many presents up.  It's so much fun unwrapping that way.  I ran out of wrapping paper twice.  I bought most of it at TJ Maxx this year and I have a deep deep love for polka dots :).

My sweet firstborn daughter and I went to the Nutcracker last Sunday afternoon and had the best time. We purchased a little Nutcracker ornament (which brother promptly dropped and beheaded when we got home, ironic?).  He is fixed and on the tree.  I have always dreamed of taking my daughters to the ballet.  She got a little antsy toward the end but her dance teacher was in it and m&m's helped too :)!

We had our small group Christmas party at our house last weekend.  A friend made Jesus a birthday cake and we all sang.  We kept it simple with everyone bringing appetizers and a silly gift for the gift exchange.  One of the guys in our group is deployed so we are shipping him all the gifts!  I know he can't wait for a selfie button and how to teach basketball dvd :) but it should make him smile.

My mom makes THE best ugly Christmas sweaters.  I am sorry to say - there is no contest.  She was actually featured with Al Roker on the Today Show a few years back. She now has 3 unique animal head sweaters.  This is the original.  Scott wore it to a company party 3 years ago and won the grand prize!  It has been shipped across the county to be worn by family and friends alike.  My mom is so creative!

My sister sporting Rudolph...

This is the mastermind, my Momma, with her latest Christmas Vacation inspired sweater complete with working Clark Griswold lights and Aunt Bethany hat!

Merry Christmas to you and your family!  May it be filled with treasured time and thoughts of our Savior's birth.  If you need a reminder, start here.

May you have the best Christmas my friends
Keep on keeping on!

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