Friday Favorites: A Little of This and That...

It's Friday and the First Friday of December :)!  EEEK! I love this time of the year!  So much to do but so many memories packed in too.  I have a round-up of little of this and that today so sit back and enjoy.  

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Have you seen this show?  We are obsessed!

We cannot stop watching it or thinking about it.  It's so good.  It's a Netflix original series and so far there's 1 season with 10 episodes (each is an hour long).  The story is about Queen Elizabeth (current Queen of England) and her life from right before she becomes queen.  If you like Downton Abbey, you will like this!  We were hooked after Episode 1.  Have you seen it?  It's definitely one of my favorites of the week!

We saw Santa at our local Bass Pro Shop!  We have the best luck there.  They give you a time card when you arrive and then you can peruse the store and they have cute little activities for you to play with while you wait for them to announce your time.  They also give you a free photo!

Here Lucy is waiting to meet Santa...she has no idea what's coming!

...She wasn't a fan!

The other two were smitten.  Vera asked for a bible cover and Solon asked for farm stuff (so random and not what Santa previously knew about).  Santa was so sweet and patient with them!

We decorated our Christmas tree.  We love to put on some Christmas music and go to town.  My mom gifts the kids and us ornaments each year.  They normally signify something the kids achieved or love that year.  We all ooh and ahh over them as we reminisce.   Ours go on the back of the tree ;) and we had a very full mid-section but we got it all evened out.

The littlest one enjoyed chewing on a few...

I shared all about our Christmas activities, we keep it simple but love waking up to see what's on tap for that day!

We also started our advent calendars...

We have this one for Lucy, this one  for Vera, and this one for Solon as well as these - yum.  We have gotten this one in the past, they have Lego Friends and Lego Star Wars too.

I am currently reading this Christmas book  (I normally check them out but bought the kindle version as I was #36 on the wait list at the library ;).   I finished this one on vacation, I need to watch the movie now!

We are all in the Christmas spirit 24/7 around here!

We have a BUSY weekend ahead.  

Vera has her Christmas dance recital, I can't wait to see our sweet tiny dancer dance to Away in a Manger (cue the tears).  My parents are coming to town and we have my husband's company party (now what am I going to wear???).  I will be sure to share it all next week.  I hope you have a lovely weekend and thanks for stopping by.  Make sure to comment and say hi, I would love to meet you.

Come back on Monday for some festive fashions for the whole family!!!!

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