5 Easy Snowball Party Games...

Do you have snowballs?  My kids love them, who am I kidding, everyone loves them!  They make a great gift and we whipped up these 5 easy games for an upcoming family Christmas party!  They are kid-approved and so simple, you don't need to sweat set-up (my kind of game).

1 -- Snowball-Spoon Relay

You will need:
2 tupperware containers per relay team
1 large spoon per relay team
Set amount of snowballs per team

Line up the teams and divide equally and explain they need to place a snowball on the spoon balancing it without touching it with their hands!  Each person will walk/run quickly to the other end to deposit and run back!  Then the next person goes until all the snowballs are gone!  First team to finish wins the relay!

Depending on the age of the participants, you can determine whether to make them go back to the start if their snowball falls off the spoon.

2 --Snowball to the Chin Relay

What you will need:
2 tupperware containers per team
set amount of snowballs per team

Each participant (when its their turn) will place the snowball under their chin and hold in place as they dash to the other end.

Then they deposit it in to the bowl without using any hands and run back, continue until the first team deposits all their snowballs!

3 -- Snowball Bucket Toss

What you will need:
Set amount of snowballs
4-6 plastic containers evenly spaced out
Starting line (we used a candy cane filled with hershey's kisses)

Each person will take a turn with their snowballs trying to get a snowball in each of the containers!

4 -- Cup Tower Knock-Down

What you will need:
10 plastic cups (like these)
Set amount of snowballs
Thowing Starting line
Table or bench to set cups on

Stack up the cups and then allow players to toss snowballs to knock down the tower.

For older participants you could set-up two and have it become a relay.  Divide into two teams and each player tosses and knocks down, then runs down to set cups back up, then next player knocks down, runs down to set up and so on.  The first team to get all players to rotate through wins!

We found these slingshots (Target Dollar Spot) and you could use these for a more challenging twist.  Players have to use these to knock down the cups!  (You can find similar ones here).

5 -- Snowball Fight!

What you will need:
A large amount of snowballs
Lay them in the middle along a line (we use a jumprope) dividing the space you are playing in in half

Divide into 2 teams (on either side of the jumprope line).  Set a time for a set amount of time (a minute or two).  Work to get as many of the snowballs to the other teams side before the time runs out.  The team with the least amount of snowballs on their side wins.

We divide teams - parents vs. kids, boys vs. girls, etc.  We also have lots of fun just having crazy snowball fights!  Even if you don't have a white Christmas this year, I assure you these will elicit cheers from even the most disappointed children!

Do you have snowballs?  You need them!
Find the snowballs here.

Do you have any fun party games to play with them?  The options are endless and the prep can be so simple and still garner a great response!

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Until next time, keep on keeping on with a joyful, faith-filled life.  #tribekoko

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