10 on the 10th: 10 Favorite 2016 Gifts

It's the 10th of December (errrr....it was!) and it's time to link up and chat great Christmas gifts to give and get.  If you have a gift guide, grab the button and link-up!

It's how I am feeling these days!  Anyone else? I can't keep track of it all...

Let's dive into 10 Gifts I love this Christmas....but I will warn you there are 11.  I apologize for breaking my own rules ;)!

1.  Alex and Ani Bracelets
I have this one, this one and would love this one.  They are a great bracelet to gift and can be stacked with lots of other bracelets.  I have both gold and silver and wear them interchangeably.

2.  Stainless Steel Tumbler
These are all the rage and I need one since I drink my weight in hot beverages in the winter.  This might prevent my frequent trips to the microwave to rewarm and this off brand is a best seller on Amazon and WAY cheaper.

3.  Blanket Scarves
I have this one (Thanks to Emilie for sharing half) and this one is now on my wish list.  Cut them in half and you can gift the other half to a friend and relative making them a reasonable gift.

4.  Candles
I love to gift candles and receive them to.  I gifted this one to my sister-in-law (her favorite) and this one to my sister (her favorite).

5.  Electric Tea Kettle
As reference in #2, I drink my weight in hot beverages and apparently I missed the boat.  I still boil water in an old school kettle but I need one of these.  My sister-in-law even boils water for cooking with this...I hope Santa brings me one this year ;)!

6. Milk Frother
Once you froth milk for your coffee, you won't go back!  We froth our almond milk around here and it even does a pretty good job with that (but almond milk doesn't froth like the real stuff).  I make my kids hot chocolate in this and they don't need whipped cream or marshmallows with all the froth!  I don't have this exact one but its a best seller so a safe bet.

7. French Press
Okay so now I am just sounding like a crazy hot drink lady with my picks but I love french press coffee.  I buy grounds, pour a little in, pour over with boiling water and let steep.  I can actually taste a difference between this and a traditional drip coffee pot.  I make french press every.single.morning and in the winter in the afternoon and evening too ;)!  My sister-in-law swears by this coffee system...I haven't made the plunge yet but it does make good coffee!

8. Stanley Pocket Screwdriver
If you get nothing else from this list, you need this little $3 tool.  We keep ours in our battery box (you know where you keep all the millions of batteries you need for every toy you own ;).  Then when we go to change batteries in all those said toys, we have this little tool right there!  Every family of children needs this in their life and gift it with batteries, lots of batteries.  My mom did one year, best gift ever!

9.  Soap
My secret indulgence is spending a little more on pretty hand and dish soaps.  They sit on my counter and they look so lovely.  Sometimes if money is tight, I refill them with a big refill bottle but I LOVE this brand and this brand

10.  Marble and Wood Cutting Boards
They are so popular right now and great for decorations and entertaining.  Prop it up against your kitchen counter wall and pull it out to plate up appetizers.  They have this one and this one.  I found the best selection at Home Goods.  Remember I showed you in this post.

11.  New Balance Shoes for Her and Him
My hubby and I "run" around town with my kids on the weekends.  A fun pair of comfy shoes would be a great gift and New Balance and Adidas have lots of cute options.  I like this pair for me and this pair for Scott.


Now another great Christmas gift is matching family jammies which I shared in this post...


Handmade items also make great gifts.

 First up these darling prints by Salt & Light Photography and Design.  I have 2 and ordered a bunch for friends and Solon's teacher.   You can find them here if you are interested in ordering one.

I wrapped them up with a little bakers twine and bottle brush tree (found in the dollar section at Target) and a note that says "You have left an im-print on my heart" - get it imprint ;)! 

I made these little gift bags for Vera's preschool teachers with a coffee cozy and a holiday candle on a cupcake stand.  The note says "We wish you a COZY Christmas and a BRIGHT New Year".

I found the cozies on Etsy from Jasper and Willow Shop.


I also shared a few great stocking stuffer ideas here.  
Don't forget to sign-up for the giveaway while you are there!

Phew!  That was a lot of ideas but hopefully it helps with those hard to buy for on your list.  Practical and usable are always good.  It might not elicit an Oprah response  BUT they will thank you when they have a nice froth on their french pressed coffee and a spring in their step in their stylish shoes.  Now go buy that pocket screwdriver...you need it Christmas Eve, I promise!!!

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xoxo Erin

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