PTO Teacher Appreciation Fall Food Ideas..

The influence of a good teacher can never be erased.

Where would we be without teachers? 

I serve on the Teacher appreciation committee for PTO.  Our job is simple.  We are to bless the teachers throughout the year for what they show up and do day in and day out.  We assembled a team of about 20 people willing to serve in some capacity - either bringing food, donating an item or their time.  I thought I would share to inspire new ideas for your school.  I am all ears for your ideas too, so leave a note please!

One.  Back to School Breakfast 

Our local Chick Fil-A is so supportive of our schools and offered to bring breakfast sandwiches for the entire staff along with a coupon for a free sandwich!  We provided some decor and water bottles so the staff could grab and go as they started their day.

We chose a vintage school theme for the year so our decor was complete with vintage books. globes and a chalkboard.  We added in apples, some greenery and magnet letters in jars.  

two.  PTO Teacher Breakfast

We provided a hot breakfast to the staff in exchange for their listening ears before school one morning.   We shared how PTO can support them and we awarded each teacher with a check for extras they need in their classroom.  We created a sign-up genius list and asked our committee to bring in everything from hot breakfast casseroles, to fruit, breakfast pastries, juices and coffee.

three.  Fall Conference Meal

Since all teachers have to stay to 8pm one evening, we provide a meal for them after school.  We opted to go with a baked potato bar this year.

We scrubbed and washed them, lightly coated them in a little virgin olive oil and then wrapped them in tin foil.  We baked them for about an hour at 350' and poked a few with a fork to make sure they were done through.

We had families sign up with another sign up genius list to bring bacon, shredded cheese, sour cream, taco meat, lettuce, butter and a big crockpot of chili.  We were serving 45 teachers!

The principal provided the pop for the staff and we asked for some yummy bar-type desserts and cookies because dessert makes everything better!

We stowed the hot potatoes in a cooler wrapped in a bath towel.  It worked like a charm!  We set it all up in their staff workroom!

four.  Fall Treat Day

Finally, at the end of conference week, we surprised the teachers with a fall treat day complete with hot apple cider in crockpots, several yummy apple and pumpkin desserts and a little gift.

We stuffed each of the 45 teachers mailboxes with a fall stovetop simmer potpourri bag.
It included 2 cinnamon sticks, a bunch of fresh cranberries and a clementine along with directions to fill a pot with water and add the ingredients and allow to simmer on the stove!

What conference meal ideas do you have?

Any special ways you have blessed your teachers that they loved?  Please leave a note and share!

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