October in Pictures...

October was a FULL month.  I am not sure we could have packed much more in.  I always love taking a look back...

We took a few trips to the Orchard.  

We always love to swim in the corn pool, pick pumpkins, eat cider doughnuts, sling apples and feed the animals! 

Lucy had her 15 month well child visit and both girls got their flu shots.  Miss Vera didn't even cry so we rewarded ourselves with a trip to Sonic of course!

They harvested our backyard.  We miss the corn but they tilled it so we get another year...yay!

We shopped...

Mommy picked up and someone else undid the picking up...

I spent some one on one time with my kids.

Solon had his class party (which I got to help with racing plastic bugs with straws!) and he had a great conference.  So proud of that guy!

We learned about self check outs and my kids think they are the best thing ever!

And we did a lot of hanging out at home since we had several free Saturdays while our Cyclones were away.  I love quiet weekends at home.

We taught Solon how to play Ticket to Ride.  Scott and him partnered up and crushed me.

We enjoyed the fall weather and eclectic fall attire ;) playing outside!

I visited the doctor frequently - my condition was a "hairy nose" according to Dr. Vera

We played the piano.

We had tv dinner one Sunday after church.

We read lots and lots and lots of fall books.

We were too cute for words at the gym while mommy worked out.

...and we ended up with a nasty ear infection.  Thank goodness for great doctors and medicine.

We managed to squeeze in lots of entertaining - friends, family, kids, they came!

And the big kids trunk or treated at Nana and Papa's church (Lucy was under the weather).

We also did our fair share of hanging out at activities - gymnastics, dance and swimming!

And of course Daddy finished reefing and we enjoyed our tradition of Friday night slumber parties in Mom and Dad's room watching The Duggars: Counting On.  

My Mom, Lucy and I snuck in some shopping!

And of course we carved pumpkins and share the Pumpkin Parable.

We finished the month with Homecoming...

...and trick or treating!

We had a fantastic, full, fabulous FALL October 2016!

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