10 on the 10th: Favorite Toys...

It's time for another edition of 10 on the 10th.  I am so excited this month to be talking favorite toys.   I love getting tried and true recommendations for kids toys especially as I am formulating Christmas lists for Santa and other family members.  

This list includes items we actually own and love.  I am not one to just give stuff to have more stuff.  This year I am making a conscious effort to really think about things my kids will LOVE and play with long-term as I make my lists for them.  They have so much and are so blessed, we ask our family for alternative gifts too which I will list too!  Let's dive in!

I linked to items at Amazon but many of these toys can be found at big box retailers and other places as well.  If you have an Amazon wish list, you can just add the items there to keep as ideas.  

Baby/Toddler Toys

building toys

5 inch wooden Roads are a fan favorite!


A little spin-art for the win!

Craft the winter away...

make-believe toys

We love Calico Critters

We are always going to the Doctor around here...


Anyone need anything at the grocery store?  Cash register with working conveyor belt


A game of Catan for the adults (seafarer expansion)


Guess Who?


We love to read...

Big Brother reading to Littlest Sister - melts my heart

Active Play Toys

Driving Miss Daisy Lucy!

Bounce off some energy in the basement all winter long!


Tumbling anyone?

If you are like us, maybe you have been blessed in the toy department and are looking for some alternative ideas to give family members.  Memories make great gifts...what are your favorite childhood memories?  They normally involve trips, special dates, and activities!

  1. Zoo Pass
  2. Science Center/Children's Museum Pass
  3. Movie Tickets
  4. Dance or Gymnastics Lessons
  5. Music lessons (piano, guitar, drums)
  6. Swimming Lessons
  7. Play or Concert Tickets (check your local theater kids programming)
  8. Special Trip or vacation
  9. Date Day with a special family member
  10.  Mini Golf Giftcards (indoor glow golf too!)
  11. Bowling passes
  12. Roller skating passes
  13. Snow tubing and skiing passes
  14. Art classes at the Art Center
  15. Paint your own pottery gift cards
  16. Gift cards to a favorite family restaurant
  17. Swimming pool pass
  18. Theme park passes
  19. Ice skating passes
  20. Historical Museum passes/Living History Farms
How about some rock climbing?

our 2016 wish list

We have already begun formulating our lists...

Here's a sampling of the girls's lists...

Solon wants a Michigan football and t-shirt, anything Seattle Seahawks and LOVES Mo Willems books!  You can check out our public Amazon wish list we share with family here.

honorable mentions

Although I didn't mention many of the traditional go to's, I don't discount them.  Here's a list of other items that tend to elicit cheers from your littlest gift recipients.

  1. Lego 
  2. Duplos
  3. American Girl (they have legos too now)
  4. Barbies
  5. Thomas the Tank Engine
  6. Fisher Price Loving Family Doll House
  7. Musical instruments (keyboard, guitar, etc.)
  8. Technology (kids kindle fire, iPad)
  9. Video Gaming - Wii, Nintendo DS, PlayStation
  10. Movie/TV Show Items - Star Wars, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Trolls, Moana

What are your go to favorite toys for your family?  

Share your recommendations with other readers in the comments.  

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