Show and Tell Tuesdays: Quirks...

Well I can be weird...I prefer unique.  My family knows I have some quirks so I thought this would be a fun link-up to share and you can get to know me a little bit better.  If you want something more serous, you can read here.  I am linking up with Momfessionals today, thanks for the fun idea.

So first my quirky FEARS...
Running out of gas.
It's kind of a legit fear because our new van does not ding when the gas tank gets close to empty.  So, we have gotten down to like 13 miles left in the tank when I looked over at the indicator :(.  I leave that indicator up on my center screen and try to look at it every time I get in the car and if it gets to about 50 miles left (which I noticed it was today), it's time to get gas.  My dad taught me to never left it get below 1/2 full but that's a pipe dream...

I think they are beautiful and lovely to look at but I don't have any interest in partaking in any activity in the river.  I love lakes because there is no current, generally you know where shallow spots are and you can avoid them.  The river is ever changing, sometimes debris, and it just makes me nervous.  I am getting itchy hives just thinking about it.  My in-laws lived on a river until just this year and I always had a recurring fear my kids would fall in and be swept away - I know its slightly dramatic but it's a fear. 

A mouse in our house.
Oh my word.  It's fall and we live on a cornfield.  We haven't had one in our house yet.  One time we were at my Grandma's (good thing she doesn't read the blog, she would be embarrassed), and I was nursing my son in a bedroom when what to my wondering eye, baby mice falling out of a hole in the ceiling.  My dad and Scott tried to capture them all but I looked down and one was nibbling on my flip flop...I about died.  They gross me out and I do.not. want them in my house.  Our pantry is right by the back door so I constantly am looking for poop pellets on the ground and sweep like crazy but you know with 3 kids, it's a feast for them around here. Lord help me!

Now on to some silly quirks...

I am competitive.

That might be an understatement of the year (that's my mom and she just won a game, so you know where I get it from).  I mean I have physical reactions to competition.  I may get a little crazy but I like to win - I will own it.  I think thats why sports were hard for me as a kid - I had all the competitive spirit and none of the talent...sigh.

I make my bed everyday.

I make my bed every single day.  I just do.  I feel wrong if I don't.  When I'm gone I ask my husband to make it on the day I come home!  When I was a kid, my mom never made us make our beds, but I liked a made bed.  I didn't want to do the work so I used to sleep on top of the made bed at night.  She would get so frustrated with me!  While we are on the topic of beds, the next quirk is...

I despise top sheets.

Until recently I refused to make our bed with a top sheet and when guests came I would have to put top sheets on our kids beds (I assume they don't like them either although I have never asked ;).  I must be a wild sleeper but they feel restrictive and tangle me up in the night.  Now I make the bed with a top sheet because my husband likes them (and he was deprived for 9 years) BUT I sleep on top of the top sheet most nights.


This is like nails on a chalkboard - I might die, kind of stuff.  I cannot stand the sound of chewing.  If it's too quiet at the dinner table and I can hear you chewing, I will turn on the music, start chewing myself or I might shoot you a dirty look.  My family knows this and will from time to time choose to snack while playing games (you already know I am competitive) and then they munch and crunch and let me tell you...oh my word! Someone tell me this puts them over the edge too???

Crazy memory.
I have a crazy, photographic memory.  I can tell you what you wearing the first time I met you or where we were, or what you might have been eating.  Now I can't remember what I ran upstairs for BUT I remember a lot of random, non-important facts like what you got for Christmas 10 years ago.  Think of all that storage its taking up in my brain that could be used for far more useful material.  Guess what? My kids have it too and it bites me in the behind.  Remember that one time mom you promised to do this? Then its accompanied with a description of where we were and what we were doing at the time of said conversation.

Talking on the phone.
I am sorry if you call me, I most likely won't answer.  I like to text and email and talk your ear off face to face but I am not a phone talker.  I hate making calls too...Scott and I will rock-paper-scissors sometimes about who has to make the call.  

The last one and this is kind of shameful...

I laugh when people get hurt.

I know it's hard to even type that out.  It's a nervous kid falls and I laugh.  Not an awesome response, I know.  My husband still recalls the time he was installing Christmas lights on the roof and started to lose his footing, I started to laugh.  He got mad at me which only made me laugh harder.  It was a low moment for us but he was just fine in the end ;).  If I try to stifle the laugh, it only makes matters worse because then its bigger and louder.  So if I laugh at you, it's really not because I think it's funny, I can't help it....I really can't.

Ok so there is my random quirkiness.  My family is nodding their head that this is the honest shameful truth but I am who I am.   What are some of your quirks? I would love to know I am not leave me a note :)

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