Happy Halloween 2016...

We had a great Halloween weekend.  We started off with a trip to Daddy's work on Friday to get all sorts of treats!  Lucy was all smiles at the beginning...

By the end, she was ready to sample!  The other two were obliging in hopes they would be rewarded in sugar!

Then today, we enjoyed decorating scary gingerbread houses.  We started with one but upon closer inspection, it was a one person decorating job.  Never to fear, we whipped an extra out of graham crackers for Solon.  We have learned to hot glue the pieces together (Remember that come Christmas Gingerbread house making :)!  Grandma had fun decorating them with the kids and we used them as part of our goolish supper decor.

A Police Officer and 2 Butterfly Fairies

My parents were able to be here this year.  My mom loves to hand out the candy!  We trick or treat early here (always on October 30th), I have no idea why!

A few pictures before we took to the neighborhood.  I love our neighbors, we all chatted as we meandered the streets as our kids ran with their friends, sharing their jokes and filling their bags quite full.   No coats required this year, not always the case in the midwest, but we had beautiful weather!

Lucy was happy as a clam to ride along as her big siblings took care of grabbing her a piece at every stop.  She happily carried a piece the whole way and got to sample some when we got home.  She had the biggest smile on her face, I think she likes Halloween!

The kids finished up when their bags were full, the sunlight was gone and it grew chilly.  They were anxious to ring our bell and find Grandma at the door.  We all were anxious for our yummy traditional meal and handing out candy at our door.

We always have the same supper...the lasagna bakes while we trick or treat and is ready to serve when we get home and need a warm, yummy meal.  We got the plates on sale at Pottery Barn Kids this week and added the gingerbread houses and Vera's pumpkin candle along with lots of creepy crawly bugs...

Trick or Treat Menu
Blood and Guts (lasagna)
Mummy Fingers (garlic bread)
Vampire's Blood  (red food colored water)
Too much candy for dessert

...and then after dinner the dump and sort ensued.  The kids had a hard time deciding on what items they would have for dessert.  The rest will slowly but surely disappear before the next candy holiday (Valentine's Day????).  I have to say, they have great taste in candy so we don't mind helping take care of it :)!  It was another great year with sweet memories made. 

Happy Halloween 2016!

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