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Today I am linking up with some other bloggers (AndreaErika Narci  for Friday Favorites and Cup of Tea for High Five for Friday) sharing my Five Friday Favorites.  If you are visiting from one of their sites, welcome.  If it's your first time here, you can read more about me here.  Here's my Five Favorites this Friday!

Date Day with Solon

Solon had the day off of school on Columbus Day but Vera still had preschool.  My friend Emilie offered to watch Lucy and pick up V so we could enjoy a date day.  When I told Solon you would have thought he won the lottery!  We headed out to the orchard, just the two of us.  We jumped, slid, swam in the corn pool, rode on the hay wagon, ate cider doughnuts, visited the animals and reenacted 3 billy goats gruff and The 3 Little Pigs in the storybook area.  We finished with a quick trip to Wal-Mart where he got to self checkout which he thought was awesome. He picked McDonalds for a late lunch before heading to pick up his sisters.  He told me it was the best day ever with me so I think it was a success.  I often forget the power of one on one time with my kids.  A favorite time for both of us.
He was so happy to jump WITH mom on the pillow - it's fun to have fun!
Just tangled in a web with my favorite little guy!

We also visited the orchard as a family...check it out here!

Field Trips with Vera
Vera has been on a field trip roll.  We went to the orchard together and fire station too.  I love peaking into her life and see how she interacts with her peers and teachers.  She loves school and field trips are a favorite for both of us.

Hay ridin' with my big girl!
V's class at the fire station with their teachers!
Learning all about firemen and their gear...
While we were there, I found amongst the 1000 (no joke!), Solon's fire poster, he was so happy we found it!

Story time with Lucy

This is quickly turning into a how I spend alone time with each of my kids post!  While the big kids are off at school, we try to head to the library once a week for "baby and me" story time.  Our children's library staff is amazing (I will totally toot toot their horns!).  Lucy loves to sing the songs, play with the scarves and listen to the books.  It's a favorite for sure.

Entertaining At Home
If you want a peak into our home, come back on Monday :).

Having people over is a favorite for sure!  Cooking, however, is not my gift.  I normally stress about what to feed them.  So long story short, I decided I would never have people over if I made crazy gourmet meals because I would be spending my time fussing over that and not over my guests.  God just wants me to practice hospitality and love motto is it's about loving the company, not the food (at least at my house!).  We recently hosted friends for dinner and then I hosted ladies for lunch.  Both meals involved kids as well as adults so when I thought about the menu I knew the kids would be my greatest critics!

For dinner I went with Papa Murphy's pizzas, tossed salad, fruit, and ice cream sundaes for dessert.

For lunch I made a tossed salad, fruit, and a baked turkey-pesto sandwich. For the kids I made pigs in a blanket (I used 4 hot dogs cut in 1/2 and 8 crescent rolls), carrot sticks, fruit and yogurt tubes with brownies for dessert.

See I kept it simple ;)

Turkey-Pesto Baked Sandwich
{I can't take credit for this recipe, my friend Melanie served me this delicious sandwich on one of our first visits together and it is delicious!}

1.5 lbs turkey lunchmeat
1 pkg sliced white cheese (I used havarti)
jar of pesto sauce (you don't use it all, I just brush on a good layer)
french baguette (the soft kind, the $1 french bakery bread at Wal-Mart is perfect)

Cut the baguette in half and place the cheese on one side, slightly overlapping.
Place turkey on top and evenly disperse
Generously brush on pesto sauce onto one side of the french bread

Close up the bread and place in 350 degree oven for 15-20 minutes or until cheese is melted and sandwich is warmed through.  

Moms Night Out
Just some ladies in a phone booth...

I got to head out with some sweet neighbor friends last weekend to one of my favorite little french restaurants downtown to have my favorite dinner, steak and duck frites.  We enjoyed dinner slowly, had coffee and dessert and arrived home much past our own bedtimes.  It was lovely to chat and somehow the time slipped by so fast.  We always tell ourselves we won't wait so long next time but it's hard to align all of our schedules.  Girl time is good for the soul and getting dressed and heading out the door feeling fancy is a favorite too!

We were shocked we were up past our bedtime and didn't have to cut anyone's food but our own ;)

Not the best picture...but I wore heels, my trouser jeans, leopard belt and silk top front-tucked (I tried to rock the trend folks but I may have spent too much time in front of the mirror trying to decide where the tuck should go but I digress).

And in case you missed it - here's a few favorite blog posts...

10 on the 10th
Have you seen my new series 10 on the 10th, click here to see the first installment.  It's full of my favorites lately.  I would love for you to join me next month for a link-up, grab the icon and come back on the 10th.  The question is 10 Favorite Toys in your home.  Just in time for Christmas, we can share ideas!  We certainly have our favorites around here.  

Window Shopping

I love to window shop.  I can't always buy it but I love to look.  I took a trip to TJ Maxx this month and Aldi.  2 different stores, both great for finding things for a fractions of the price.   With 3 little people to feed and clothe, I am always looking to save where I can.  Do you shop at Aldi or TJ Maxx and have any tips?  I am always looking for ways to save money for my family!

We are carving pumpkins at our house this weekend.  I wonder what my kids will decide this year.  Here's our pumpkins from last year :)

Have a great weekend friends and please say hello in the comments, I would love to meet you :)
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