Friday Favorites: Fall Checklist...

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Today I am sharing some favorite fall activities.  Every season we come up with a little bucket list for the season.  We post it on a wall mirror (found at Kirklands on clearance) that I DIY-ed into a chalkboard.   I just used chalkboard spray paint and voila our little kitchen chalkboard.

I have found that if I want to be intentional about making moments count with my kids, we have to write them down.  My motto has always been -- the days may be long but the years go by fast.  I want to be present and make memories with my kids.  After all, someday that's what will be stamped on our hearts when they are grown.  Our days can be full of chores and to do's but what do they say...that can wait because "babies don't keep".  Either do kids!  Here's what on our bucket list...

Here's our actual fall favorites list we are working to check off...

Now here's a picture run-down!

Watch Dad Ref

College football games

Pick pumpkins

Pick Apples and Go to the Orchard
(read more about our trip on Monday - you have to come back!)

Carve Pumpkins
This was last year - look at Lucy!

Jump in the leaves
Pick Halloween Costumes and Trick or Treat
Halloween 2015
Solon went as a cowboy and the girls went as Elsa and Anna!

This was last year at my husband's work trick or treat.  Their work group theme was games so he was "Guess Who?" and we made a little game for his office window!  

Watch the Harvest in our backyard 

Yes we live in the land of wheat and corn!  We live on a field we don't own.  Someday it will be developed but until then, we enjoy magnificent sunsets and beautiful horizon views!

Back 2 School
Solon - 1st Grade and Vera - PreK
Tailgate with our Cousins

Celebrate Vera's 5th Birthday
(Click here to read more about it)

Visit Florida
My dad's family is spread out all over the country and we have been going to NSB for over 20 years.  We can't wait to take the littlest Port in November for her first time!

Last time we were there Vera was 2...

**honorable mention** 
Pumpkin spice lattes and everything pumpkin
aren't these cups cute at Starbucks - I am definitely on TEAM PSL!
Skinny grande PSL with whip please!

and of course pumpkin bread, apple with caramel dip as I outlined in this post :)

We are busily checking things off the list - we will be sure to share our 2016 Halloween costumes and pumpkin carvings soon.  What is on your fall checklist? Leave a comment, I would love to hear from you :)!

Fall is a favorite and as you can see we have lots of favorites we like to do :)!

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