Always listen to directions carefully...

Do you ever get mad when your kid doesn't listen to ALL of your directions?  Yep me too!

Well I must confess I didn't stop to listen to all the directions related to the blog.

The other night a sweet friend asked, "what caused you to revamp your blog?"  And then I was listening to a podcast and they posed the question, "What are you so passionate about that you want to blog about it?"

And I felt a call from God.

God gave me words and I want to use them for His glory.

BUT -- BUT -- I doing that?

I got lost there for a moment.  I didn't listen to all of His directions.  

Then this came to mind as I was praying about the "Why blog?"--

Being a mom is hard, its stretches me and sometimes you lose the joy you had when you held that baby for the first time or you first tasted the freeing joy of salvation.  We can get distracted by the never ending to do lists and rat race of life.

We get one life.  That's it.  

And I want to live life intentionally as a gift from God, have lots of fun,  and encourage others to as well.

So I confess I felt the call to blog and said ok and then I said "God bless my plans I have for it."

This is what I will write about it...because this is what I like.

And then for the last several weeks I was shaking my fist at God saying, "You told me to write. Why don't I have a peace about it?"

I was seeking human approval because I wasn't getting it from God.

I wasn't in His will and I knew it.

Have you ever been there?  I thought I obeyed, but not all the way in his will.

So today, sitting in church our Pastor shared that when God called him to campus ministry and he had to go about asking for money, he screwed up a couple of times and had to start over.  It was hard, he knew it was where God wanted him to go but he stumbled.

And I was like - YES! God that's me, I know you want me to blog, I know this is what you want but I got lost in where you wanted me to go, I stumbled on non-important things like ads and tech stuff and you were slamming doors to get me on the right path.  The doors were giving me headaches.

So now I am praying God will guide me...

Thanks for following along the bumpy ride.

I am listening to where God wants me to go...we shall see what that is, I am not sure yet.

Until then you know there will be pictures of our family ;)  Thank goodness He is all about 2nd chances!  Rainbows and crosses are reminders of that!