A trip to the Orchard...

It has been a yearly tradition to head out to our local orchard.  Now, calling it simply "an orchard" is an understatement.  You can buy a season pass and it is chalk full of stuff to do.  My parents always love coming so we pick a date way in advance to go together.  This year, the weather was warm and it got busy fast but we managed to dodge the crowds and enjoy our time together.  

First up we were off to the corn pool -- yes a pool of corn!  It's in a large pole barn and surrounded by bales of hay, probably 18 inches deep and filled with CORN! 

 You can cannon ball right in...

Or if you don't like the sensation, you can saddle up on dad...
The littlest Port wasn't a huge fan!

After we emptied our pockets of corn (some found their way home and ended up in my dryer!), we headed to the giant potato sack slide. 

Everybody took a turn...

Grandma and Grandpa...

...and Daddy and Lucy too!

And of course we slung some apples...some of us slung better than others!  This guy was the best...

The kids bounced on the jumping pillow!

Then we took a trip to the petting zoo area and Lucy was quite interested in the goats.  She even reached out to pet them.  They were hungry so we all enjoyed feeding them and their 14 newest goat kids (babies).

Then we took a ride on a hayride out to ride the train and combine slide, a slide right through an old combine. Did I mention we live in the land of beans, wheat and corn.

Some of us were over the orchard after the slide...can you guess who?  It was nap time!

While we were out there, we went to the actual apple orchard to pick some apples and of course taste test a few.  We found some winners!

One more hayride stop and we were at the pumpkin patch.  At this point Lucy gave up the fight and napped in the carrier while the rest of us looked for the right pumpkin.  With some encouragement (there were LOTS and it was hard to choose), we found just the right ones with just the right plump, stem, color and look (a lot goes into choosing the right one you know ;).  2 big ones and one baby pumpkin came home with us.

We found some winners...

See what I mean?  It's not just an orchard.  It's kind of like a fall theme park full of activities and fun.  Since we got season passes, we have already made a few more trips out.  

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