A Peak into our Home in the Fall...

It's fall! 
Welcome to our home!  Come on in and take a peak around!

I love to make our house a home.  My mom lovingly decorated our home as kids and thankfully she taught me everything I know.  We are home a lot and we love to welcome people in all the time.  Above all, we hope they know they are loved and at home when they walk in.  I want our home to be a haven for our family.

Welcome to our foyer.  That chest of drawers holds a lot of meaning (and wrapping paper ;).  It used to sit in every house we lived in growing up.  We moved around a lot but that piece just feels like a piece of my childhood "home".  I was so excited when my mom shared it with us!

Here's a little peak on what sits on top!

 First stop is our dining buffet which I just repainted this summer. I used a command hook to discretely hang the wreath (TJ Maxx) from the mirror (which my mom had stored in her garage and let me have :), and then added the cream pumpkin plate and gold candle holders.

Just a touch of fall on the DIY floating shelves we installed in our main floor powder room.  We don't have any natural storage so I use that little metal basket to hold extra toilet paper.  You can't read the verse in the navy distressd frame but its one of my favorites -- We have this hope as an anchor for the soul Hebrews 6:19a.

I found the navy buffalo check pillow in the Target "Dollar Spot" for $5.  There isn't a lot of money in the decorating budget but that makes it more fun.  I love to shop thrift stores, flea market type stores, and TJ Maxx.  I often just move things I already have around to breathe new life.  Do you do that with your kids' toys? I do.  You move it and instantly it feels new!  It works with decor too!   I had to put the pillows BACK on the couch to take the photo...why do they always end up on the ground? (I am looking at your kids!)

I burn candles mostly in the fall and then switch to Christmas candles and then when Christmas is over, candle season is over for me.  I do love a spruce, cinnamon or pumpkin candle!

A little bowl of fake gourds.  I used to buy real until some went sour one year -- you have never smelled putrid until you smell rotting gourds.  I could not figure out what died for a few days.  So now fake for the win.

A teeny pumpkin in a glass dome...the dome is originally from Pier 1 but I found it at Salvation Army for 99 cents :).  This sits upon our years of blog books...one of my post prized momentos.  Sweet memories tucked in those books!

My mom taught me these keys to decorating (Thanks Mom!):
  1.  Mix medias (natural vs. metal, hard vs. soft, tall vs. short).  
  2. work in the power of odd numbers as you add accessories.   Group things (3 things, 5 things, etc.) 
  3. Too much can be too much sometimes...I keep it to under 7 things.
  4. Start with a pile of accessories in one spot (like the kitchen table) and  place larger objects first.  Then move to smaller items.  
  5. Books are good for adding height, whether you lay them on their side or upright.  Plants add great dimension and candles always provide softness and light.
  6. If at first you don't succeed, move things around until it looks just right to you!
  7. Sometimes just moving things to new places makes it fun and new (I love to make new furniture arrangements, no need to buy new furniture just move it around)
  8. Have fun...it's trial and error 
Happy Fall - Thanks for stopping by our home. We are thankful to call it ours!

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