Little Miss V's 5th wild about zebra's 5th birthday...

Our little Miss V turned 5 in September!  I am not sure how that is possible, I remember them handing her to me after a slightly stressful delivery and couldn't believe she was a girl (we never find out until delivery day)!  My heart was so full and continues to be filled, so thankful I am her mom.

Birthdays have been a highlight for me since my kids were wee ones but they have changed a bit too. Gone are the days of mom picking the theme and over the top decor and that's okay too.  Whatever kind of birthday party planner you are, I always remember that we are the best moms to our kids so our birthdays are just right for them :)!

Vera is wild about Zebras - wild about them!  I can thank her sweet older cousin because she loves zebras as well and since she loves zebras so does Vera ;)!  Vera is a planner like her mom so she was set on her theme, oh about April!  We started shopping for all the materials in August and luckily for us were quite successful in finding all things zebra!

We shopped at Dollar Tree and Hobby Lobby mostly!  Hobby Lobby had clearanced out all their zebra items so we found cute print-at-home invitations, streamers, and cupcake liners at a deep discount.  Our next stop was Dollar Tree for the goodie bag items...we found hand mirrors, brushes, and cosmetic bags, then added in some gum and a zebra notepad tied up with some zebra ribbon.

 My little helper and I set up the table with zebra table ware we found at Dollar Tree and then added zebra coloring sheets for the little ladies to do while they waited to get their nails painted.

And just like that it was party morning.  We each found our best zebra outfits (good thing I had a similar theme for sorority recruitment in college and I still had the skirt - it was in the goodwill pile and I pulled it for one more wear!).  The girls arrived at 9am and we started with painting nails.  Big brother manned the drying portion while I painted the little ladies choice of color and sparkle!  Most chose "Else blue" with gold sparkles :).

After all the nails were dry and coloring complete we played several rounds of traditional party games.  They are traditional for a reason, they always elicit a great response.  First up 2 rounds of musical chairs and then a few rounds of freeze dance before playing "Pin the Tail on the Zebra".

Vera was very excited to color and cut the tails for the game so I outlined it and she did the rest.  It's still up, she loves it! 

 We took a time out from games for some zebra cupcakes (white frosting with black frosting spread on with toothpicks).  We also served Elsa blue gatorade (the birthday girls choice) and goldfish crackers.

Before wrapping up the party, we unwrapped presents and then played several rounds of "Find the Zebra".  We had a tiny plastic schliech zebra that the birthday girl hid first and then whomever found it that round got to hide it the next round.  The kids absolutely loved it and would shout "warmer or colder" based on where the others were looking.  This might be added to my traditional party games arsenal!

We finished the morning with Perler bead creations.  Vera is a crafter so no party would be complete without a craft.  I ironed them after the girls left and attached some yarn and we included them in a little bag with Vera's thank you note.   For her thank you note I simply took zebra scrapbook paper and printed a fill in the blank thank you note on the opposite side.

It was a wild and fun celebration.  We kept things simple but there was endless fun and joy.  It's all worth it when the birthday girl has a big smile on her face!  She is already forming her short list of birthday themes for next year.  Luckily we have a little time.  

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