First Days of School 2016...

And just like that it was time to start another school year.  Now that we are elementary school veterans, our hearts weren't nearly as distressed.  We were sad to see the carefree days of summer go but we knew what to expect and were ready to tackle another year of school.  Solon was ready to go to first grade :)!

Solon, 7 years old and in first grade

The gangs all here...

And every year on the first day I thank God that we can walk to school.  It was my greatest wish on our home search wish list years ago!  Still so thankful for our neighborhood school.

Solon found his locker!

And we said hello to his first grade teacher, Mrs. H!

And he was off to work with a quick hug from mom and dad!  Another year started...

Our sweet first grader...

And per tradition (which the kids don't forget), Solon picked his first day of school snack and he wanted apples with caramel dip and mini chocolate chips.

Then right after Labor Day it was time for Vera's big day and last year of preK.  She couldn't wait to dash off with all of her sweet friends and favorite teachers.
Vera ready to go (as an aside, we had a moment that morning!  It may have been about not wanting that hairdo or that dress but alas we survived and compromise was achieved ;).

Our 2 school kids!

The trio :)

Vera's fancy backpack with lots of glitz and glam :)

So far we have all had a great year.  Solon likes his teacher and seems to be settling into the routine better than last year.  He still comes home tired some days ready for some alone time with the iPad in his room but he seems to better be able to navigate when he needs that time.  Some days he comes home ready to play outside with the neighbors and his sisters.  Vera is loving her time as well and is happy to be crafting, singing and learning with her sweet friends and teachers :).  We are all adjusting to earlier bed and morning times and crafting our just right routines!