Vera's 5th Birthday {EARLY} at American Girl...

My mom has been waiting for the day until Vera turned 5 to take her to American Girl for her birthday!  We did it early so my sister, who lives in Seattle, could go with us.  My grandma also went so there was 4 generations present.  I don't know who was more excited.  We headed out from the lake and let the guys have their own "date", we popped a tube so they were off to lunch and finding a new tube!  They had lots of fun too!

So off we headed to the Mall of America...
A little girl in heaven!
Grandma and Vera chat about which doll Vera wanted EVERY time we were together for the past year.  They would sit down together, Vera on Grandma's lap, and they would scour the magazine dreaming together!  Vera chose a "truly me" doll that does not look like her but rather has red wavy hair.  She named her Sage!  Grandma got her the doll as well matching outfit (from Zulily) for the special day! #spoiled 
We had about 15 minutes before our reservation to browse the store a little bit.  We had read that you can play with the displays and let your doll sit in them so Vera enjoyed touching and looking at everything and even letting Sage test out some furniture!
The rest of us were just as happy :)
Then it was time to head up to the cafe and pick out a chair for Sage!  Lucy borrowed a doll for lunch too!
3 happy gals - Grandma, Vera and Sage

The lunch options were super cute and really delicious.  We all got different things but the presentation was amazing!

My grandma's appetizer (she had eaten 2 muffins)

My big girl and me
After we all enjoyed lunch, they brought out a cake and gave her a little gift!  This girl was beyond happy....wonder what she's wishing...

They took the cake and cut it and brought it back with a little pot of ice cream
Everyone enjoyed it - Auntie Ellen is the best Auntie :)

I was so impressed with the cafe!  The napkin rings were hair ties you could take home and each of the dolls (even the borrowed one) got their own tea cup and plate which Vera got to take home!

Uncle Kristiaan and Auntie Ellen got Sage pierced ears for Vera's birthday...

....and Grandma couldn't help herself (at least 2 of those bags are food - so much food and cake!)

...and a full day of fun wears an almost 5 year old lady out!

It was a special 5th Birthday and a special memory we will always cherish!  We all laughed that in 4 short years we will be back with Lucy :)